Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Diversity, why we fight the good fight

I'm incredibly proud of the Ash Mistry books, they were a story that had been brewing since I was pretty young and went to see The Jungle Book and saw a hero up on the screen that was brown, for once.
Heroes are heroes. Their qualities are universal. Loyalty, sacrifice and capacity for love is what defines them.

It also helps, when fighting demon hordes, to be pretty BADASS.

They've had a lot of support from the great and the good. Fans, there are a few. The mythmaster himself, RICK RIORDAN (I hope he doesn't mind the name dropping), loved SAVAGE FORTRESS and if it's good enough for him, well, I think there might be something in it for you to enjoy too.

Which brings me to a sad, but true, story. Which might explain why these books sometimes, sometimes, don't get into your hands. Because no-one tells you about them.

When Ash was first launched here in the UK, I went to a 'meet and greet' with a large selection of booksellers. Now these were invited to HarperCollins HQ, so were the chosen few.
I waltzed around the room, telling them how excited I was that Ash was coming out, how it delved into mythology, history and just EPIC heroicness.
Then I met a bookseller who nodded politely then said:

"I can't see the point stocking it. We've no Indians in our town."

Well, I doubt she had any hobbits either but I bet she sold a few copies of The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings in her shop.

It's a shame that it should be judged on that, rather than the contents of the book which deal with self-sacrifice, loyalty and the true, universal nature of heroism, which is fighting the good fight when all is stacked against you.

So, I'm incredibly proud of all the great writers, publishers, librarians and booksellers and READERS that do support the push to make books dealing in diversity JUST MORE OUT THERE. I'm not  sure we need more books on diversity, there are plenty out there already, maybe just a bit hard to find in some sad cases?