Friday, 15 August 2008

The party's over, let the fun begin!

That's it. Day job is OVER. A huge thanks to everyone who came to Mary Janes bar last night to celebrate my retirement.
It was great to touch base with my agent, the inexhaustable Sarah Davies, fresh off a plane from the US and bag stuffed with manuscripts. The woman does not stop and I count my lucky stars she signed me up. Then there's the Scott Wilson crowd and all associated chums from the wide world of engineering: THANK YOU! I've worked in a lot of different places and the people at the City office have been a delight. I'm going to miss you all but especially Rory's crew: Jerome, Sean, John, Marius, Felix, Nicol, Peter, Bill and my boss (at least for the next five hours) Rory. The South London posse was there in force, especially pleased we're all still friends after last weekend's camping.

So, here we are.

It's very weird sitting here at my empty desk with all the hurly-burly ended. I'm packed, I've stolen as much stationary as my bag will carry (hey, I'll need all these pens to write my epic!). Right, the next two weeks are rewriting THE DEVIL'S KISS, which I'm really enjoying all over again. Trying hard not to branch off in any new directions, it's too late in the day for that as it's got to be with the Copy Editor early September.

I'm got a fairly rigid routine set, mainly revolving around child care , school runs and writing. I think it's the best way to maintain the self-discipline which, I believe, is the biggest danger to my new lifestyle. I don't know how long my career as a writer will last, and I am discarding the usual 'don't give up the day job' advice but time is short and once in your life you've just got leap in and worry about the depth later.


Tracy said...

Congratulations Sarwat.

I am discarding the usual 'don't give up the day job' advice but time is short and once in your life you've just got leap in and worry about the depth later.

You've said it all here.
Wishing you well for the future and happy writing.

Jon M said...

Good luck, mate!
I wish I'd been there! I think you've got the right attitude and that's what'll carry you well as great writing ability and a twisted imagination! :)
Keep the blogging anf facebooking under control!

Gareth said...

Congratulations Sarwat

I have some sense of how you must be feeling staring at that cleared desk as I dropped down from head of department (teaching) to working 3 days a week to look after our new baby and squeeze in some more writing during nap times.

I think having other responsibilities/tasks during the day really does force you to make the most of allocated writing slots - it sounds like you've got it sorted.

As jon m says - watch the blogging etc time - it's v. easy to slip into it instead of facing that daunting 5th edit of chapter xx... all in the name of promotion, of course. Perhaps schedule in blogging/facebook "task" time just like picking up the kids.

Good luck and enjoy this fab opportunity that all your hard work and talent has given to you.

Cheers for now


Stevyn Colgan said...

I'm envious as I have to play out another 18 months of work to get my greasy mitts on my big fat work pension! But heigh ho. Good on you matey - shame I couldn't be there. Next party I will!

Anonymous said...

Well done Sarwat! I gave up the 'day job' 8 years ago now and still have a roof above my head (just!). Now my day job is writing!

Mariam Vossough

SarwatC said...

Just back from my hols in sunny France, so sorry for the break in transmission.
Well, it's finished. AGAIN. Emailed the revised ms of The Devil's Kiss off to the editors and have decided to take the week off and NOT write. Instead I'm going to catch up with my reading and cinema going. Apparently this counts as work now.
Gareth and Jon, your warnings are duly noted. Facebook though is dangerously addictive and I thought I'd get involved because I was worried now I worked from home, I'd vanish off the face of the social planet. Still finding it a bit confusing.

Anonymous said...

i'm happy for you and deeply jealous. hope to see you soon? we need you to download!

joelmead said...

Best of luck with switching to writing full-time. Hope it works out…

Steve Hartley said...

I'm emerald with envy, Sarwat. Who knows, if Danny Baker does well, I might be joining you in the ranks of those who don't have a proper day job!

Good luck, mate, and lay off the day-time TV.