Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Being Human

There's a new series on BBC3 called Being Human that I have to write about. It's a werewolf, vampire and ghost living together. It's horror, it's comedy and a great drama about these three characters. Mitchell is your sultry vampire (piccie left in the leather) and while he's able to go out at daytime (hmmm...) all other vampire functions are in full effect. Episode 3 has him and one of his fledglings 'transfusing' each other in the hotel bathroom. The bloody smears and the serial killer decor when they've finished is what it's all about. Edward Cullen has nothing on this guy.
George is a sweet, big-eared chap with a sort of puppish face, just as well since he's the werewolf. Annie is the ghost, sweet, eager to please and just so very dead.
It's on iPlayer, so you can catch up on any you've missed. The first episode is a bit tricky as you're struggling to get your bearings since it doesn't settle into one easy genre. BBC are giving it a big push and it deserves to do brilliantly.
Meanwhile...THE DARK GODDESS is into its final few chapters. All the players are in place. Billi's not got any easy choices ahead of her and she's walking the path of blood to the bitter end...


Tracy said...

Hi Sarwat
I've been watching Being Human - I watched the original pilot ages ago and interestingly only Russell Tovey stayed as George.
I really like it, I think it's very British but love the characters. Mitchell does have some problems with sunlight so he's not totally sunlight resistant.
It's an interesting take on, what can be, extremely cliched themes. Felt quite emotional at Gilbert's door moment last night.

Glad TDG is going well for you.

Anonymous said...

I love Being Human!!!! Though no-one can beat Edward! ;-)

SarwatC said...

Feel that there's probably a BH fanclub out there, Facebook no doubt.
Vampires I love:
Lestat (the first few books anyway)
Dracula (Christopher Lee really terrified me as a kid, and the Oldman film was (quoting Bill and Ted) 'Excellent!'
The Lost Boys (where those hairstyles ever cool?)
The nutters in Near Dark.
All the women from Dawn 'till Dusk (for all the wrong reasons).