Saturday, 5 September 2009

Goodies! Many of them!!

It just goes to show how darn DEDICATED I am to my blogging that, within minutes of getting home from holidays, here I am. Well, the other reason is that the rest of the house is (literally) a huge building site. But, did I have a bunch of goodies waiting for me when we stumbled through the door and thought, "Gosh, that wasn't the colour we agreed for the halls/stairs/landing/bedroom/kitchen/playroom/study/conservation/west wing/attic/north wing/swimming pool/helicopter landing pad."

Anyway, you're not interested in the domestic stuff, so...

Welcome to the Goody Room!

So, I've been pondering how better to embrace the wonders of the Internet and all that. Now, rather than shoot off these gifts to who knows where, we'll do this as a sort of vague get to know me get to know you thing. The names will go in a hat. I will pick three. They will contact me. I will send them one of the following:

1. Devil's Kiss hardback. It still has that fresh new book smell. Yummy.

2. Devil's Kiss CD

3.Devil's Kiss MP3 disc.

4. A critique, by me, of their current first three chapters. (Though what the hell do I know, so I think you'll be up on items 1-3, but people have asked).

How to go in the top hat? A grading system is in operation. You score the points, and points make prizes.

+2 if you follow me on the blog

+1 if you link to my blog

+2 if you're on the newsletter

+1 if you follow me on Twitter

+1 if you follow devilskissbook on Twitter

-1 if I've sent you a book already! I have a list of names and will check!!

+2 if you want a copy to review on your blog (I will demand proof or blacklist you FOREVAH!)

+1 if, on this blog, you publically forgive Christian Bale for his rant. (Chris, I'm still your No.1 fan, see?)

+1 if you want the critique (hey, it saves me postage)

-10 if your name is John Mayhew.

The competition ends the last of this month. I'll inform the three winners sometime early October. Fair enough?


kathryn evans said...

That's a bit rough on Jonathan you rotter (tee hee)

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

I am Christian bale's second biggest fan

Stevyn Colgan said...

Count me in Mr C!

SarwatC said...

Right, pay attention because I'm only going to explain this once.
You need to tell me how many points your scoring!?!
Steve, I think that makes you +1 (twitter)
Anita, +1 for Christian, -1 because I know for sure I've sent you stuff already, +1 for follower(?).
Bloody hell, this is complicated. The Americans are doing this all the time and it seems to work.
Sort it out amongst yourselves.

Lexie said...

+2 follow blog
+1 twitter (lexilewords)
+1 book twitter (lexilewords)
-1 sent me a book
+2 wants a copy to review on the blog
+1 I, Alexandra Elizabeth Anne Cenni, publicly forgive Christian Bale for his fiery rant.
+1 I want the critique!!
= 2+1+1-1+2+1= 7 points!

Aye did I count all that up correctly?

Shelli said...

yay I already love your blog, twitter, and devils kiss. count me in,

SarwatC said...

There, See Anita? It does make sence.
For that, Lexie,
I'll do you the critique anyway. It won't be back soon though. Plan is I finish the rewrite by mid Sept, then will sort out all the favours I owe everyone.
So, to make that clear, Lexie has a free critique just to show everyone how to do it. The THREE prizes are still open to everyone else.

Jessica (BookLover) said...

+2 I follow your blog
+2 I want a copy to review on my blog

Just 4 points (but hopefully one of these is the lucky one) :)

Arya said...

+2 Following!

+1 Link is up. ((

+2 I'm on it.

+1 Following, (@seaofpages)

+1 Following, (@seaofpages)

+2 Yes, I want a copy to review! =) I asked you this already *bats eyelashes*

+1 I'd really like the book, but I would totally LOVE a critique as well.

+10 I look like the girl on the cover of the book. HAHA! =)

SarwatC said...

I would have given you +15 if you looked like Christian!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I must surely qualify and thank the Holy Grail that my name is not Jon Mayhew - well, not in this lifetime anyway! I'm delighted to forgive Christian Bale - erm, what did he rant about anyway...?
So, let's see - oh yes, just one final question, do you give better critiques than Cornerstones...? ;-)

Jeannette Towey said...

Hi Sarwat

Great idea and here's goes my counting:
following the blog +2
link from Nihilation (my book blog) +1
on newsletter +2
Twitter +2 (1 each for @jetowey and @Nihilation)
Been sent a book -1 (Coraline and I loved it!)
Will review, but on The Phantom Zone rather than the blog - does this count? +2
Happy to forgive Christian - we all rant ocassionally +1
Would love a critique +1

And now the math: 10

But I guess that if I pop over to Twitter now and start following @devilskissbook that will make 12!

And I think I may have to do something like this myself just to pushup my blog followers from 2!


WordVore Prod said...

Ohh nice!

+2 follow you on the blog

+1 linked to your blog in this post:

+2 I'm on the newsletter

+1 follow you on Twitter (ProdElektra)

+1 follow devilskissbook on Twitter

+2 I want a copy to review on my blog

+1 I forgive Christian Bale for his rant. He has a right to free speech!

Total= 10 points

Jon M said...

Curse you Mr Chadda,but I see a flaw in your ingenious plan! My name is... Jon Mayhew (no 'h' see?) and I forgive Christian B cos I liked Batman (although it wasn't as good as Iron Man IMHO!)

Still I like a challenge! Count me in -10 and all!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I think that makes it 10 points (follow your blog = 2
linked to your blog = 1
on newsletter = 2
follow on twitter x SC and KC =2
been sent book = -1
have reviewed DK already = 2
forgiven CB = 1
and critique = 1(which means, yes, go on then, rip into the first three chs of my ms!) ;-)

Lexie said...

@sarwat--ah I am happy I did it rightly. I suppose even my basic math skills are capable of it XD

When I get home and to my personal computer I will send along the chaps, though I understand about time. ::peace sign::

off I go to take this bloody exam...

SarwatC said...

Good luck with the exam, Lexie!
Mippy C, for some strange reason I've not be able to get your comment up, so try again or let's record here that you score 8 points (since you didn't want the crit).
Hey Jon,
Did you see the video sketch about Tropic Thunder? Some kid says to Robert Downey Junior that Iron Man was cool, but Christian Bale would kick his butt! Especially if he tampered with this lights...
That said, I did enjoy Iron Man. Looking forward to RDJ's take on Sherlock Holmes.

Jon M said...

Sherlock Holmes looks like fun but wonder if die-hards will dislike it! If you remember, I look a bit like CB if I stand in front of a very bright spotlight... and it's dark... +15?

Iron Man probably would win, there's no question really ;-)

Lil said...

Hello, Mr. Chadda!

I would love to read a copy of your book. Loved the first chapter and Billi is just too cool!

+1 following on book on Twitter (Lil68)

+2 Following on your blog

+2 signed up for newsletter.

+1 publicly forgive Christian Bale...

Christian Bale rant? Who cares, everyone loses their temper on occasion. I forgive him!

I'd like the critique, but I'm a reader and editor, not a writer. You've never sent me anything (I just--not an hour ago--discovered your book advertised on the Sons of Anarchy page I was reading), so I don't lose points for that. I don't have blog to post a link to you on...

Nice to meet you, though, coming to Florida anytime soon?

Liz said...

+2 I follow you on the blog.
+1 I've linked to your blog several times.
+2 I am on your newsletter
+1 I follow you on Twitter @LizUK(in fact, I got you onto Twitter)
+1 I follow devilskissbook on Twitter
-1 I got a book from you already!
(+2) this won't count as I've already reviewed you and interviewed you and had drinks with you and adore you.
+1 I utterly forgive Christian Bale his rant as he is hawt, uhm, a good versatile actor and a lovely bloke.
(+1) Not ready for critique yet as I'm still polishing DJINN so I'll decline, for now.

So that makes = 9. If I count in my already done review it is 11.

You see, what I'm really after is the tunes! *Is utterly unashamed in her begging.*

SarwatC said...

I adore you too, Liz!
Yes, the fact you've already banged the drum for me does count, so make that 11.
BTW, reading Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games. It's brilliant. Got a feeling it's going to end badly for someone. And I'm Team Peeta (Gale's a big boring, IMHO).
Also, Team Jacob if you're interested.

Stacey said...

+2 if you follow me on the blog
+1 if you link to my blog (its in my book review of Devil's Kiss at
+1 if you follow me on Twitter (secsec1)
+1 if you follow devilskissbook on Twitter
+2 if you want a copy to review on your blog (i already reviewed it, but can i get one to give away???)

Wish i would have read your blog before i read your book! I tend to stay away so i dont get spoilers but i think i'm going to change that policy!

Stacey said...

i forgot to give you my email it's secsec1 (at) gmail (dot) com

and whoot Team Peeta!!!!! I LOVED Catching Fire i cant wait for book 3!!!! and for Twilight, i'm Team Garrett hehe (i go for the random Vampire who has the great history hehe)

SarwatC said...

Just finished Catching Fire and, dare I say it, it's even better than HG.
My only problem is having to wait and ENTIRE year until the next one.
No spoliers or anything but I'm SOO team Peeta it's ridiculous.

The Bookologist said...

Hi Sarwat! Count me in, I've been dying to get my hands on this one!

+2 follower of this blog, love it!
+1 link to your blog (on my sidebar, contests)
+2 on the newsletter
+1 follower on twitter (@thebookologist)
+1 also following devilskissbook
+2 I really want a copy to review for my blog!
+1 want the critique :)
+1 forgive Christian Bale for his rant.

Thanks for this super awesome giveaway!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
+1 I Follow you on Twitter.
+2 I am a Member of your Blog.
I am looking forward to reading DEVIL'S KISS.
I found you via your interview on a blog site.
I LOVE Frank Frazetta's art too - I have all his art and when I was young I stupidly cut up an art book of his and framed the pictures.
Have you seen Michael Whelan's art?
(He is Ah-may-Zing!)
All the best,
PS - I love the Hyperion cover for Devil's Kiss!

Letter Garden said...

+2 follower
+1 sidebar link
+2 if you're on the newsletter
+1 Christian Bale, I forgive you! :P

How about extra points for being a European buddy?? :D