Monday, 8 March 2010

...and then these two gods appeared out of NO-WHERE!

Here's a clip of the action in Delhi during my recent India trip. As you can see its the god Shiva and Kali out for a stroll down the high street. There was a festival going on but not exactly clear which festival, but hey, it's Shiva and Kali! Very cool. Which leads me onto the current Indian project.
I have only huge awe and respect for those who write historical fiction. I wouldn't know where to start, to be honest. At least with my tales I can go visit the places I've set it in and chec out the people, the scenery and the gods. It does also make me wonder where next? Vague plans put me in a Kabul frame of mind but that may be a bit too exciting for my own good and after all, we do have Google Earth so you don't have to visit major war zones if you don't want to.
I've just posted out a new short story to the newsletter people (it'll come up on the website in a week or so). One of the (other) advantages of setting my books in the 'real' world is I can use the vast ocean of pre-existing tales and histories and give them a Templar slant. London's probably one of the most ghost haunted places on the planet and there's been enough dark and evil deeds to keep me in clover 'till the day I lay down my pen.
And we have monsters. Real ones.
So, the latest story concerns perhaps the greatest villain of them all. Over a hundred years ago he haunted the fog-bound streets of Whitechapel and since then, if anything, his fame has only become greater.
Ladies and getlemen, I give you Jack...


Sue Hyams said...

Gods on the High Street - I love it! And - ooohhhh - Jack. Love him! I presume you've trawled the streets of Whitechapel? Still so evocative.

Nandini said...

Cool clip. That would be Shivaratri, I'm guessing (Feb 12th this year). But then I'm one of the nerdy historical fic. types! And Templars in Kabul ... wow!