Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rearranging the shelves, as you do

What's up? Quite a lot. Where to begin?
1. The Book Club book. For Whom the Bell Tolls. Written by Hemingway. Set during the Spanish Civil War and the plot's about blowing up a bridge. Couldn't get more testosterone filled, could it?
OMG, its more soppy that a bucket of soppy with a dash of soppy all washed down with another bucket of soppy. If you love Twilight, you'll LOVE this! Pages and pages of a couple wondering around the countryside dwelling on HOW MUCH THEY LOVE ONE ANOTHER. It just goes on and on and on. There was one spark of excitement (massacre at a village) but it was told in the past, a recollection of Pilar. The book club meeting was postponed, but I'm not sure I'm going to finish it, like ever. I'm sorry for all the English students out there who've been told it's a classic and awesome and all that, but I've found it hard, hard work.
2. The Summer Scream (see entry below) is proceding at pace. More authors. More goodies. More wonderful things galore. I'm going to bang the drum on and on about this so I'll warn you now. Saturday 19th June, 12pm-4pm, Foyles Bookshop.
3. Book Three. Almost done.
4. Blog Tour for Dark Goddess. I didn't really understand how all this worked last year but this should be a fun project. I've got a wide range of different bloggers who've been kind enough to interview me. But each will cover a different theme. Girl action heroes. Foreign settings and overseas research. Violence in children's books. Witches and werewolves. Female mythology, etc. Something for everyone, I hope.
5. School tours. Over the first two weeks of July I'll be darting here there and everywhere. Maybe I'll be popping into your school? Details will come up soon-ish! This is something I will pick up more on in September, onwards.
6. Competitions! This will be part of the blog tour but I'll be running one in the next couple of weeks for you to get your hands on pre-publication copies of Dark Goddess. Yumm. I love the smell of newly printed books.
I'm sure there's more.

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Arya said...

Ew. Hemmingway. One of my Johns Hopkins writing teachers couldn't get enough of the guy. We had to analyze his writing all the time.

Yay, for the contest! I'm dying to read Dark Goddess. =)