Sunday, 8 August 2010

Billi SanGreal, Book 3#

Or, what I'll be doing over my summer holidays.
Actually, it's not so straightforward as that.
What I can tell you is:
1. I'm writing it.
2.I have no idea if it'll be published.
There was never any plan to publish a third book. One thing I wasn't keen on was a trilogy which had a second book that was all set up. I've come across a lot of trilogies where, as you go through the second book, you really it's all just a long, long build up and nothing's really going to happen except you'll be left with a cliff-hanger. That really annoys me, mainly because I've forgotten what happened by the time the third book comes out. Hence when I wrote Devil's Kiss and Dark Goddess each book (more or less) was designed to stand alone.
The fact is, I love Billi's world. I want to explore more of it.
Basically, it's all down to sales. If Devil's Kiss and Dark Goddess do well, then Billi 3 will come out. If they don't, ah well, let's look at something new.
Not that something so minor's going to stop me. Sometimes, you've just got a story and you have to tell it.
So, what I can tell you is Billi's turned 16 and her birthday is 14th July, Bastille Day. For those of you who've read either book you'll know the SanGreal's have French background and it's family background which will form the basis of the story. Also, the plot centres around one of the ancient Templar Treasures. There were four and we've had The Cursed Mirror and the Holy Grail (oops, butter-fingers, Billi!) but in Book 3 we uncover the real game-changer.
What else? The action will move to the Middle East (this may change, slightly), so a trip out there is on the cards.
The plan is to work out the synopsis and the first 20,000 words, just to see what's developing. I try not to tie the books down too much so synopses aren't really that significant, but it's always handy to have some sort of plan, even if you go on to develop a better one as you write. For example the final drafts of Dark Goddess (and Devil's Kiss) were nothing like their original plans.
A final word? If you insist.


kathryn evans said...

There's got to be another Billi!!!!

Katherine Roberts said...

I have nearly finished "Devil's Kiss" and am blown away by Billi's character. I hope your publisher sees sense... how can you possibly leave her at just two books?

Good luck with the writing. I'll be posting a review of the first book soon on my blog at Reclusive Muse as part of my monthly reading posts.

SarwatC said...

Just done the first 10,000 words and having great fun.
I've decided that Arthur was becoming too nice in Dark Goddess so he's gone back to being a bit of a b**tard.
He's just murdered a wheel-chair-bound disabled man.
Looking forward to your review, Katherine.

Rose said...

I would love, love, love another Billibook! And I totally love the word 'assasins'. My two favorite clubs in one book. Templars and Assasins, fireworks garanteed. :)

MissAttitude said...

For some reason I am just now discovering you have a blog?! And seeing that you are hard at work on a third Billi book! (alliteration that means it's going to happen).

I HAVE to know more about Billi's heritage. Not only does she have a Malcom X poster in her room (pretty please can that be in the third book? ;)) but she was born on Bastille day. She is the epitome of awesomeness.

I'll be telling everyone to go out and buy these books for the holidays =)

SarwatC said...

I like your attitude, MissAttitude!
I wanted Billi's French heritage to be acknowledged and the Bastille birthday was a cool way around it.
Yes, the Malcolm X poster. If there is a Billi 3, you will see it and it is significant in ways you cannot imagine.

Kitty said...

i just finished dark goddess and i was like oh my gosh vasilisa!! there has got to be a third billi shes awesome

SarwatC said...

Alas, there's no immediate plans to publish Billi #3. Next up is the Indian trilogy with Ash, but I'm still rather keen to get Billi's next big tale out. Basically it all boils down to sales. DK and DG haven't sold as well as hoped, but I'm hopeful that'll turn around!

HaleyHolman said...

I really hope this book gets published. The covers are beautiful. But more than that, the story is amazing. I love Billi's world. I really hope that Ivan and Kay come into the story somehow. They're just wonderful. If it doesn't get published, I hope you post the story online. You're wonderful, Sarwat! Best of luck with Billi SanGreal.

asiul said...

Hi, i've a curiosity: Is there Ivan in the third book? (I hope that the response is yes, i love him *_*)
ps: sorry for my english (i'm an italian fun)
pps: your books are fantastic!!!

asiul said...

Hi, i've a curiosity: Is there Ivan in the third book? (I hope that the response is yes, i love him *_*)
ps: sorry for my english (i'm an italian fun)
pps: your books are fantastic!!!

SarwatC said...

I'm sorry to tell you the series has been cancelled!
Alas, sales were not what everyone hoped so Billi and Ivan and all the other Templars have gone into (temporary) retirement.
I do hope you'll be checking out my new series, Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress. There are subtle Billi links in it I hope to develop later...

asiul said...

oh no! I'll read your books with pleasure, if you publish they in italian:P Do you know nothing about this?

Giulia Boga said...

I'm italian too, and i've just bought devil's kiss..i'm going to read it soon because it seems that lot of person love it..but i can't believe that the series has been cancelled:( so you're really not going to write a third book? i want to read a really good book and i hope that sales are going to increase:) so that you can continue you're story! i think that i'm going to enjoy devil's kiss, and i will read it now, bye:)
(sorry,my english is not so perfect, i know)

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading the last two books. You rocked it;all I need to say. It is rather deppressing that you wont be able to write the thrid.:( I felt so hooked from the beinning and the never-ending twists in the plot, I recommended it to my friends. you should, maybe even need to write the thrid book. "Bloody hell." to the rest and I will definetely read your newest series.
Best regards!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG,I just finished reading your last two books. You certainly rocked it. I so loved it, I recommended it to my friends. I wish the third book would come out. Billi was a vivid strong warrior. I just can't believe it, I was hooked from the beginning and trapped in the never-ending twists in the plot."Bloody hell," to your publisher and those against the idea, persistence and will-power is the key.
Best Regards!!

helfer said...
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viola said...

Noooooooooooooo,i loved the dark goddess book one of my favourites, was such a good book, really want another book with more billi and ivan as well as the templers,i have both books they both are interesting, please please try publishing it in the near furture. Hello from canada and really wishing for another one.

Ramsha said...

Is there anyway you can show us a bit of a sneak peek? Maybe publish it online? I know it's not much of a profit that way, but I'm dying to know what happens in the next book! The Devil's Kiss is what got me started reading YA and sorta paranormalish books! Pretty please?

Kayla Toner said...

you have to uncancel the series its my absolute FAVORITE books ever

Amber said...

I am sad that my kids and I never heard of your series until now. We were hoping for another book to come out. I hope that changes in the future. I ran into your blog searching to see if there was one to be published. My daughter was excited until I read further. My daughter is 12 and loved the book. My oldest is 18 and was hoping for another book. This happened to be a book about vampires aka ghuls that she didn't side with them.

Rêveur said...

Please have written and published the third book... I LOVE THEM