Saturday, 27 November 2010

The themes in Dark Goddess, love's legacy

As those of you who read Devil's Kiss will know, Billi suffered the loss of a loved one. I wanted to make sure such an event had deep resonance within Dark Goddess and looked at how Billi would cope.
It made me think hope any of us will cope. Sooner or later, we all suffer the loss of someone we loved. There are no easy answers to why they went, whether it was fair or all part of some divine plan. We try and make sense of their lives and how they touched and made us who we are today. What legacy does the loved one leave behind?
Is it in our nature to take love for granted? That we expect it from those around us who we share our lives?Only to realise what it meant when it's gone?
Billi has a poor role-model in Arthur. A man who could not cope with the loss of his wife so retreated from the world, built tall walls to keep the pain outside, but alas, left his daughter outside those walls too.
Billi has the legacy from him and the one she loved. I think I've made it clear who I believe is the greater hero. Arthur is strong, fierce and undefeatable. But the other was in touch with the world around him, more than he wanted perhaps, but was the greater hero because of it. What's been the best aspect of Dark Goddess is seeing how these two legacies play out in Billi's soul.
Such legacies are subtle at times. We do things unconciously, act on ideas and attitudes absorbed into our hearts from those hearts that once envolved and embraced us. Love wounds us most terribly, but they are the only wounds worth having.


Rose said...

I could'nt agree more, Sarwat.

hannah said...

Will there be another book after Dark Goddess? The books are just so brilliant!!

Rebecca said...

Will there be a sequel to Dark Goddess? The books are just so brilliant!!!

miaka_yuuki_15 said...

Please another sequel for Dark Goddess. I love your books so much!

Leslie said...

I love your books so much, and I really hope you write another book. I would love to read what happens after 'Dark Goddess.' :)

Katelyn said...

I realy love reading your books! i'm really, really looking forward to another amazing and exciting story! :D

Danae wilson said...

i never read ever and my friend recommanded a random book the dark goddess i actually took the time to read not knowing there was a book before it but i really hope that there is another one soon and hope that ivan and her carry there relationship forward it would make a great movie