Saturday, 5 March 2011

We came, we saw, we said 'Cheese!'

It's half way through the epic US tour with my tour buddy, the elegant and very Southern Rachel Hawkins.
LA, Chicago, Memphis and now Texas. It's pretty intense and there's a risk of the mid-tour dip. We don't all have the tiger blood of Charlie Sheen. Us mere mortals get worn out.
Then we went to Pasadena High School.
OMG, it was a total riot! There was (almost) a riot (fire alarm actually, but hey, riot sounds more dramatic, don't you think?).
School visits are great. Especially when everyone in the audience has read your books and wants to get in deep. Secrets were spilled, that's for sure. The pupils and staff were exceedingly awesome and I explained why severed body parts should not be stored in your fridge. True story. Also, I've never been to a school where there were so many girls who looked exactly like how I imaged Billi, dusky, dark haired and dark-eyed. And those at Pasadena KNOW what I'm talking about.
The school events have been varied. We've had unicorns, y'know. A whole stampede through Hutchinson's.
How could the event be topped? I don't know but Blue Willow Books that evening came pretty damn close. Lots of great people (especially Mundie Mom Kathy, Joy Preble and mom for the fourth time Clare (your kids are so sweet!)) and splendid atmosphere.
Rachel's slowly teaching me how to speak like a southern gentleman. Y'all.
So, we're heading off to the legendary Murder by the Books this afternoon at 3pm, then flying to sunny Phoenix for an event at Changing Hands (Sun, 2pm).
All the details are up on my website events page!


♥Iffath said...

*wishes she was there*

Pam said...

You can get some more Southern training at Hicklebee's I lived my first 27 years in the deep deep south.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarwat! Just had a call from a London office saying they found body parts in their HVAC system. Do you know anything about that?