Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hello from Ash Mistry (aged 13.5)

Ash Mistry, age 13 (but almost 14!)
Well, that’s a bit difficult. Until the summer hols I would say I was slightly above average in weight, slightly below average in physical coordination, courage and in general acts of extreme and suicidal heroism.
THEN after the summer hols (which you will be able to read about VERY SOON) and following a strict diet of violence, absolute terror and basically being hunted by demons I’ve acquired, what can be only described as ‘gaunt and frightening to look upon’ aspect. My colour has gone from a healthy and hearty brown to ‘gore-splattered.’
A bit about myself
I’m at West Dulwich High School and (unofficial) leader of the Nerd Herd. I’m a non-sporty, bookish ‘stay indoors even when the sun is shining’ kind of guy. You’ve probably stolen my lunch money at some point.
My favourite things (and not so much)
The greatest moment of my life has to be when I was the first person in our school to find the secret machine-gun armoury in the latest Assassin’s Creed game. Oh, yeah, I did also save the world from the greatest evil the universe has ever known. If you’re alive right now, that’s because of me. You can thank me later.
Sort of makes up for me being voted ‘least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse’ three years running.
My fav Dr. Who is, and forever will be, David Tennant. Now you know everything important about me.
“Is now a bad time to mention I’m risk intolerant?”

art by Mr. Murphy (great, isn't it)

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SisterSpooky said...

Got *slightly* giddy to see the Tennant mentioned.

Also *points at drawing*

I think Ash needs an older pref. Of a legal age friend ;)