Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My new project, the mega-epic 18 DAYS

Every now and then you get offered something that, in your wildest dreams, you'd never have thought possible.

I'm going to be writing the comic series 18 DAYS.

18 DAYS is the sci-fi retelling of the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. It's about a war that will end one age and bring in ours, the Age of Kali. It's as apocalyptic techno-punk as you can possibly imagine where gods and monsters rub shoulders and make war besides and against a breed of super-warriors. With nuke-level weaponry.

I've been working with the multi-media company GraphicIndia for about a year. They've brought in some extra-ordinary talent (Stan Lee, no less!) to give the West a flavour of the incredible fantasy worlds being created in India.

For 18 DAYS they've got GRANT MORRISON himself. Yes, The God of Comics. Grant's work speaks for itself but he's given us arguably the definitive Superman story (All-star Superman) and one of the greatest Batman stories ever, Arkham Asylum. Grant understands the world of mythology like no other writer and it's rather awesome (and somewhat frightening) to be working on a project created by him. I'm going to have to raise my game to the utmost.

Still, I get to write about bio-engineered super-elephants. Which is nice.

Grant's done the story bible and it's a thing of beauty. The picture above is taken from it and tells you all you need to know. It's the god Krishna and the hero Arjuna, but unlike you've ever seen them.

I'm writing the last few issues of Vol 3 and will be writing all of Vol 4. They'll be produced in graphic novel format but are also available as webisodes on Youtube right here. Check them out.

And on the subject of comics I will be making another announcement or two soon.

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