Thursday, 1 May 2008

Music to write to...or what's on my MP3

I started listening to my MP3 ( by Sony, I REFUSE to get an Apple anything) when I used to hang out in parks and cafes to write, so I could tune out from everyone else. I know I shouldn't listen while I write, but there are some tunes that get you in the Zen-like zone...

1. Scary Monsters Super Creeps...listening to it right now. back when David Bowie was a GOD.
2. Werewolves of London
3. Strange little girl...spooky throughout
4. Shut up and Drive by Rihanna. This song actually inspired a character in the Devil's Kiss. You know when you're at a club, party whatever and someone (usually of the opposite sex) comes in and it becomes that SLOW MOTION moment when you think...nothing. Your mind's utterly blank and it's all about OMG and what you feel is on a sub-molecular level? You don't just fancy them (join the queue) but every atom of you CRAVES them. No? Maybe it's just me then. Well this song is that character's theme tune.
5. Sorry...where was I?
6. Lucretia My Reflection by Sisters of Mercy. Yes, deep down I'm still a goth.
7. Voodoo People by The Prodigy. They define the early 90s for me. We won't go for Firestarter, too obvious. But this is a close call and I remember it from going to a Christmas party at a police station. Now THAT'S another story entirely...
8. The Wanderer by Johnny Cash. With a line 'They want the Kingdom but don't want God in it' this is another one of those songs that just builds and builds until your blubbing... Of the ones on this list, probably the CLASSIC.
9. Man Kunto Muala by Mehr Ali and Sher. Nope, you won't have heard of it but it's BRILLIANT. It's qwaali music and has a melancholy air you feel WAY deep down. The original SOUL MUSIC.
10. The Queen of the Night Aria out of The Magic Flute. Makes you sit in awe that a human voice can produce such music.


Anonymous said...

i'd love to see a picture of you as a goth.

i only turn on the music when i'm doing brainless things like web design. but i can't seem to write when there's music on.

my 16 year old disagrees with me of course and says, as you do, that music tunes out the rest of the world. hmmm.

Jon M said...

Strangely, music from my teens helps me to write...a bizarre mix of...ahem Hawkwind, The Sisters (saw them in Liverpool nineteen eighty blah) and a lot of traditional stuff too! (there's some creepy old songs and tunes when you start looking).

SarwatC said...

There's a very dubious picture of me in a long black trenchcoat from WAY BACK. It's the closest I got to gothdom, which wasn't very.
Hawkwind...why am I not surprised?