Friday, 23 May 2008

Werewolves...lots of werewolves

Halfway through Book 2 and I thought I'd talk a little about it, but not much. It's tentatively called THE DARK GODDESS and it'll have werewolves it, bloody loads of them. It's about the Russian witch Baba Yaga (the Dark Goddess of the title) and what happens when she comes up against the Knights Templar. The entire Russian myth setting is very very cool, and that's where I'm headed...
If anyone's interested, try the works of Angela Carter (The Bloody Chamber especially) and a book called Women who run with Wolves. One of my favourite ever films is 'The Company of Wolves'. It's going to be bloody, violent and savage. Like all good werewolf stories should be.

Did I tell you it's about werewolves?


Jon M said...

I've got an idea, and it's only a suggestion, you don't have to take it up or anything but how about some werewolves?

Tracy said...

Sounds good, Sarwat. I'm liking the sound of Baba Yaga.
I'm impressed that you're halfway through. Are you working on this and the book one rewrite at the same time or have you finished the rewrite?
Happy werewolf fighting.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Sounds nifty. Baba Yaga ... wasn't she the lady who got about in a hut on chicken's legs? Mad.

How about some werechickens? Much more scary.

Aaargh! The clucking! The damned clucking!

SarwatC said...

Anyway, Book 2 has come to a CRASHING halt as I'm back on The Devil's Kiss. Received my editors notes and the manuscript and frankly, there's exciting and somewhat frightening times ahead. I've spent most of today rewriting bits of the Bible. I kid you not. Other things include an instruction manual on how to grow your own ghost, ten easy ways to spot the werewolf in your class, and why vampires make the worst boyfriends.