Friday, 6 June 2008

Do you remember the first time?

That feeling of anxiety before you started? Trepidation as you ventured into an unknown world, a world of fubbling, confusion, bizzare rules and unbelievable excitement? How did you set it up? Candles, dim lighting, a few snacks, maybe incense?

Then afterwards, the exhileration of it, of having done it. You just couldn't wait to tell everyone, but deep down you knew they'd never really understand what it meant, what it felt like unless they did it themselves. Even now, years later, when you'd thought you'd be cynical and blase, there's still that tingle, isn't there?

Yes, I mean the first time you played Dungeons and Dragons.

Just back from Orcs Nest (my friendly local roleplaying shoppe, though why they shrink wrap books I don't know) with the 4th Edition triple pack (PHB, DMG, MM). It's been years since I've played, but it's D&D, God damn it! It's in my Geek DNA.

(Note to my editors- I'm not going to waste time reading them this month, I know I have a deadline.)

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Jon M said...

My goodnees! I walked past the Orcs Nest on Saturday and was kind of tempted to peek in but suppressed my geek genes! Funnily enough too, I was at a wedding, reminiscing with other mates who huddled around the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon with centile dice, pens and paper! Ah D&D...wasn't as good as In the Labyrinth that was the king of role playing games. Fond memories!