Sunday, 21 September 2008

My top five for this year, so far

Oops, the discipline thing's slightly gone out the window, and it's only Week Three. So today is BIG WRITING DAY.

But first...
Have seen lots of films this year, now the girls are old enough to be dragged along to the cinema I have all the excuses I need, and the fact that, frankly, I have a lot more spare time for 'research'.
So, what I've seen and LOVED this year, 2008:

1. The Dark Knight. Well, d'oh. I've been a long time fan of Chrsitian Bale (well, since American Psycho) and was more pleased that most when my favourite actor became my favourite comic character. It just proves there is order in the universe. But we won't be dwelling on the 'Batman arrested' headlines, thank you.
2. Rocknrolla. Awesome and a surprise all round. Never been a Guy Ritchie fan but more like this please, Mr. Madonna!
3. Tropic Thunder. Robert Downey Jr AND Tom Cruise (as you've NEVER seen him before). The dance over the closing credits is worth the price of the ticket alone. Bizzarely Ben Stiller and Jack Black are the least funny things in it (IMHO).
4. Iron Man. It's hard putting a Marvel character on this list, but basically it's the Robert Downey Jr. effect. Everything he does is great.
5. The Duchess. Nah, only kidding.
6. No Country for Old Men. Hmm... I putting this in because the cast was amazing and the tension around Javier Bardem just terrifying. BUT I have issue with the ending (it's the same in the book) and it's over the Arch-plot v. Anti-plot saga (read McKee's book on screenwriting called STORY. It's heavy work but totally worth it). Simply put Arch-plot is everything makes sense and all key issues are resolved. The story goes from A to B to C etc. Anti-plot means that nothing makes sense and you can have space aliens land in the middle of a costume drama and it's okay. It's common in comdeies (the Life of Brian with him falling off the tower, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail are two that spring to mind).
NCFOM is arch-plot story with an antiplot ending. VERY annoying. I've argued with others over this, but that's what I think.

Right, the list above may well change because A Quantum of Solace is just around the corner...


Jon M said...

With you on Iron Man and Dark Knight. (whispers) I quite enjoyed The Hulk too! Hellboy2 was fun 2. And ahem, yes I confess, I enjoyed Wall-E...sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!
Quantum of Solace...looking forward to that too.

TonyD said...

Sorry I have not been in touch since you left SW as we have been getting Samuel off to Uni (gone to De Montfort to study Forensic Science so there may be a future resource for you)

As a fan of Mr Bale what did you think of The Machinist and 3:10 to Yuma?

SarwatC said...

Dear Tony,
Great Sam's off to study what he wanted. I remember you telling me about his CSI ambitions years ago! Yes, will be needing to pick his brain at sometime.
3:10 to Yuma, great! Have got the dvd of The Machinist on the shelf, but not summoned up the courage to watch it all the way through.
Never apologize about Pixar, Jon! I really wanted to see WAll-E but my daughters vetoed it. Kids!
I've started researching a brand new project. It's ridiculously early days yet but have high hopes for this one, it's something I want to have bubbling away while I crack The Dark Goddess, my chief duty between now and Christmas.