Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The only dial up in the village

Not anymore! I have broadband at last.
Spen the last few weeks adapting to working from home. Girls are now sharing as I've stolen one of the bedrooms and turned it into my nerve centre of creativity. There's a HUGE glass desk, new pc, and all my books are steadily migrating into the room.
Finally we can eat at the kitchen table.
Writing's ongoing, I'm still working on the rewrite of THE DEVIL'S KISS. These works of genius can't be rushed. (somehow I know that line is going to come back and haunt me).
Need to log off and get the childrens' packed lunches sorted for tomorrow's school trip.


Anonymous said...

shame on you, turfing your daughter out of her room!

now you've got a cave, all you need is a hairshirt. and no hobnobbing with yummy mummies in coffee shops. we're expecting you to churn, baby, churn.

Jon M said...

As long as the Warhammer figures don't migrate up there too you'll be fine! Rewriting...what fun!!!

SarwatC said...

No, you don't understand. ALL my Wrahammer stuff and roleplaying stuff will be in the office too. They are a comfort to me. I'm working on a Chaos Space Marine army right now. By the way Jon, get a pin drill from Games Workshop to pin heavy bits together. I find using short lengths of paper clips ideal. Then milliput (or use green stuff) to fill in the gaps. Even blu-tack (once its covered in a bit of superglue it sets pretty solid).
Candy, hmm...coffee shops. One's JUST opened up around the corner from me. It's my duty to support this new business venture, in the same way I expect the coffee shop owner to buy a dozen of my books when they're FINALLY published.
Re-write ALMOST complete.

Jon M said...

Sarwat, you're a star! Off to get a pin drill!