Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Dark Goddess

Came across this picture and had to put it up. I've hit the 47,000 word mark on Book 2, and it's going to be wild.

As you may know, it's got werewolves aplenty I'm slowly looking into Shamanism as part of the religious backdrop of the story. Devil's Kiss is very Judeo-Christian so I wanted the setting to be as different as possible.

I'm working through the proofs of Devil's Kiss and it's amazing to see the words in the format and size they'll be as a finished book. All the sepearte components are coming together and the book as an object will soon be real. Cannot wait.

Beyond that it's just trying to maintain a good rate of story, keeping The Dark Goddess vital and bloody. Treachery, double-crosses, murder and mutilation are the keywords to the tale but it's one of redemption and finding heart in a cold world.


Gareth said...

Fab inspirational photo - like the idea of Shamanism... wooooo! 47,000 words seems pretty damn good to me - have you got the rest plotted out or are you just following your pen?

Must be a fantastic feeling seeing the various elements coming together on Devil's Kiss - have you got a launch/release date yet?


SarwatC said...

Hiya Gareth,
Cool photo, intense! Launch date for Devil's Kiss is 7th May 2009, and I think that's definate. Long way away yet.
The book's fairly tightly plotted now, I think we're looking at 70-75,000 overall (first draft anway). I've been setting myself words per month. Aim is 18,000 for Xmas. I've got Act 3 to do, and smoothing out what I've already written, the scens jump about a bit since they've evolved as I've gone along and there are bits that aren't relevant now that need cutting/revising. How's your own work progressing?

Gareth said...

7th May - excellent.

Jason Willow is ticking along - I'm almost done cutting down the original from 230,000 words to about 170,000 - still too long for a y/a novel but I'm going with the value for money spin!

The 1st Edition has sold about 350 or so and I'm into some libraries and a couple of Waterstones stores. However, Cornerstones are running a thing to find new authors they can work with and push out to real publishers or agents so I've sent off the synopsis and first five pages to them. We'll see!

Are you still nervous about doing all the publicity appearances etc in the new year? I reckon after the first couple you'll start to enjoy it.


Jon M said...

I thought you were having the rest of the month off!?

treachery and double crosses? not a picture book then? I'm sure there's a market you know...

Tracy said...

Well done on the word count, Sarwat. It sounds like it's coming along nicely. I'm guessing the SCBWI weekend really did inspire you. :-)

Gareth - blimey, that's a long book but congrats on getting it into Waterstones et al. I remember seeing it on YWO.
Good luck with Cornerstones.

Gareth said...

Tracy - thanks for your congrats - it's a hard old slog going the self-publishing route but hopefully I can build up a bit of a following, get some help(!) like from Cornerstones and then get taken on by a real publisher!

Sarwat - (and anyone else) - can you tell me about SCBWI - is it a good thing to join etc.

SarwatC said...

SCBWI, excellent thing to join. Especially if you're in London. There's the Professional Series, which are six talks/presentations/gatherings that occur over the year. Next Feb Sarah's over to give one on the secrets of getting an agent's attention. Also they have an annual agents party, where agents turn up and you can chit chat. There's two residential events, May and Nov, both very useful. Plus you realise there's a lot of people writing out there, and they're all really friendly.
Good God, 230,000! That's mad. Proves you're committed, that's for sure.

Gareth said...

Cheers Sarwat... I'll see if Santa is dishing out memberships and get learnin' and networkin' and all that stuff.


Sue Eves said...

wow - this is a serious word count competition.

I've been picture book text writing, so trying to cut down on the count!

Good to see you at the SCBWI conference, Sarwat. It was inspiring wasn't it - I've started illustrating again - Chris Wormell's fault...

SarwatC said...

Despite having given up the day job, I'm still writing during the midnight shift. Old habits die hard. Just hit my 1,000 for the day.
Great to see you, Sue. Really looking forward to getting to a few more SCBWI thinsg in 2009, esepcially some of the Masterclasses they're planning.

LIndsey Leavitt said...

Sometimes, Sarwat, I read your blog and wish I was you. I suspect it will be even worse when TDK is out.
(Holy COW! I just realized
The Devil's Kiss
The Dark Knight
That's got to be intentional)

SarwatC said...

Hey, we could do an author swap! Maybe I could spend 3 months in sunny Alabama, visiting Disneyland, lounging by the pool, and going to Las Vegas while you could be here, in cold, dark, wet and totally grey London. BUT we do have real princesses, so it would be research.
Aha, so you spotted my Batman homage! Totally unintentional. I wanted to call Book 1 'Billi Begins'.