Saturday, 13 December 2008


OMG! Whilst searching for more videos of Christian Bale on Youtube I came across this, a trailer for MY BOOK!

I was told that when the ms has been accepted and the copy-editor's happy, the real fun begins, and it has.

Now I know that it should all be about the art and then work and the slaving away, but trailer! How cool is that?

Also...the US editions will have very different covers to the UK's. Hyperion will be using models on the front covers for both Devil's Kiss and Dark Goddess. The girl they've picked for Billi and the boy they've chosen for Ivan are, in the words of Zoolander, really, really ridiculously good lookin'. Alas, I was not invited over to New York for the photo-shoot.

Major reworking on The Dark Goddess about to commence. There's been a bit of a brainstorm with Ari, Lins and Sarah on Book 2, so we're retaining the best bits about Devil's Kiss and raising the bar. I'm ashamed to say that their idea was better than mine. Not that they'll receive any credit. What's great is that's it's freed me from feeling pretty stuck, so the book's suddenly received 1000mg of pure adreniline.


Tracy said...

You are obsessed with Christian Bale. I'm obsessed with David Tennant, so I get it.

How exciting about Youtube. Can you post a link so it's easy to find and take a look?

SarwatC said...

If you click on the the blog title it should take you staright there.
You can see it on the top right if the blog too, can't you?
Christian Bale=obsession. Nothing rational about it.
Strange, David Tennant does nothing for me. Just not a Doctor Who fan.

Gareth said...

Fab trailer Sarwat - I want me one of those! (The closest I've got to this so far is an article in the North Wales Weekly News!)

You must be getting pretty excited - once Christmas has jollied by then the publicity machine will really start winding up your soon to be adoring fans - v. cool.

It's pretty hard to swallow the pill of a major rewrite isn't it - still, if it's on the advice of people you respect and you can see their points are strong then you know it's going to be worth it.

Don't forget to take some sort of complete break over the holidays - choose your days and don't feel guilty about not touching the mss.

Tracy said...

How cool is that trailer?!!
Managed to see the link this time.

How jealous am I?!!

(I'll forgive you for not liking Dr Who - just this once.)

SarwatC said...

My plan is to concentrate on producing a really robust and detailed outline over the enxt few weeks, rather than work on the ms. I've gone pretty far into it, so feel happy to let it rest a while while I go over a few new fundamentals. Then in the new year I'll be perfectly primed to finish the book (it'll almost be a second draft).
Doctor Who was never the same after Tom Baker left (really showing my age now).

Tracy said...

*whispers* I'm of the Tom Baker generation too.
But Russell T Davies injected such life into it and David Tennant really made it his own. Ok, I know I'm sounding as obsessive as you with your Christian Bale fetish, so I'll shut up.

So, back to you, has The Dark Goddess taken a totally different direction now?

SarwatC said...

The Dark Goddess is in the same direction, but there was a key bit was missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on it (henc the pow-wow with the editors and the like). Can't really explain because it's (now) related back to Devil's Kiss, so sort of gives the game away.

John Soanes said...

Came here via Mr Colgyn's blog -trailer looks good, and I'm awed by the 'high concept' of the book, great idea!

Sue Hyams said...

Oh WOW, Sarwat! That's brilliant. You must be so excited. I know I am and it's not even my book. Looks amazing.

Jon M said...

Great stuff Sarwat. Everyone needs to post this on their blogs now and send it out into the blogosphere!

You're gonna be in big demand soon!:-)

Brainstorming with folks in the know is sooooo incredibly productive!

SarwatC said...

The novelty of the trailer hasn't worn off, not by a long shot.
The rewrite's not too bad, since there's a new sexy ingredient. Most everything's in place but it's the Second Act subplot that's now come more to life and will drive the internal conflict forward (since the external battle, i.e fighting lots of werewolves, is relatively straightforward).
The brainstorm was very helpful, and it's made me realise that joining a critique group would be very beneficial, since for the most part I'm locking in by myself. Something I'll look into in the New Year.

Carma said...

Oh my God Sarwat! A trailer... It's an awesome one at that too! I think I might have got my best mate hooked on reading your book already. Neither of us can wait until the day it's out. I think it might be one of the must reads for myself too (And I NEVER read). Gina: 'It's sad but true'. So, yeah, CANNOT WAIT.

Everything it progressing insanely isn't it!?

All the best mate.


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