Friday, 19 December 2008

Wrapping up 2008

The latest revision of DEVIL'S KISS went off to Hyperion yesterday and I'm officially on holiday. So this is the last blog of 2008.

Gosh, really not sure what to say that's not already been said. Even if you've only flicked through the other blogs you've got a good enough idea of my opinions on the things that matter. Like Christian Bale.

Given the bloggers involved in this are other writers, I've got a mini-checklist together of things up and coming. You probably know about them already, but what the hell. I'll try not to sound like a life-coach.

1. SCBWI British Isles are doing another Undiscovered Voices in 2009. YOU MUST ENTER! Check their website for details,

2. They're doing lots of other things too, Agents' party, Masterclasses and their legendary Professional Series. My agent Sarah Davies will be doing one on 26th February.

3. Buy my book. 7th May. Got that?

4. Don't be realistic with your ambitions. What's the point? They're ambitions, they should be sky high.

5. If in doubt, double it. Twice as many words, twice as many submissions, twice as many rejections. Means you''ll get to your goal twice as fast. It worked for me.

6. 7th May, you won't forget, will you?

See you in 2009!


Jon M said...

7th of May? Important date then? hmmm not being realistic. I'll try that.
Have a great Christmas Sarwat and thanks for all your help, encouragement and friendship this year!

Tracy said...

It's weird but for some reason the 7th of May seems important - I wonder why. ;)

I'm definitely entering the Undiscovered voices - received an honorable mention last time, try for inclusion this time!

Have a fantastic Christmas and a relaxing break and here's to a brilliant and even more exciting New Year full of huge book sales and book signings, film offers and Christian Bale playing Billi's father, if not another character. Blimey, can you imagine what state you'd be in then?!

Take care, all the best
Tracy x

Wanted to send you an Xmas ecard but wasn't sure if it was still the same tiscali address so consider this an 'almost' card.

Gareth said...

Cheers Sarwat

Have a fantastic break so you can really enjoy the buzz of your launch as a "real, honest-to-goodness" author next year.

I'm off to join SCW... thingy after typing this.

Thanks for your thought, advice and amusement over the past few months... I'll try to watch a few more films with Mr Bale in over Christmas so I can give you an IMHO comment next year.

Cheers for now


Gareth said...


May the what?

Stevyn Colgan said...

Good advice old mate. We will do copious beers to celebrate in May! Have a great holiday. x

Spud said...

OMG - You have to see and hear this.. potty mouth Bale got remixed.