Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not really into these, mainly because half-way through January I've forgotten what they were. So, this blog will be a reminder for me to check 12 months hence and see where I got to.

1. Finish THE DARK GODDESS. That goes without saying really and the one resolution I won't forget. But I want to finish it by Febuary, which will be interesting. I've spent the holidays really tearing the plot apart until it's in tatters. The new plot is like a lazer of pain, trauma and INTENSE EMOTION! Much better on all fronts. Now I just have to write it.

2. Get fit. Really at my age it's becoming pretty critical. If anyone (that means you, Jon Mayhew) has tips on how to make jogging interesting, I'd like to know. I've already got the MP3 player.

3. THE SECOND SERIES. This is the one keeping me up at nights. Once TDG is out of the way I'm basically unemployed until I get cracking on the next idea. Various ideas are floating in and out of my head but I want this one to be a show-stopper. Will keep you informed. But NO VAMPIRES.

4. The Christian Bale thing. Since I am already a 15th level Fanboy where can one go? I think Tracy's idea about him playing Billi's dad may be a good one, though rather extreme and unlikely (but hey, what's wrong with extreme ambitions?). Plus I kinda had hybrid crossover of Sean Bean and James Purefoy in mind when I wrote Arthur (though Sarah may disagree).

5. Expand my reading horizons. I really should get into some of the classics if only so I have something else to write about apart from the Iliad. Suggestions would be welcome. I know, I must finish one Dickens, one Jane Austen and one Russian and one French writer this year. That'll do.


Tracy said...

I realised the other day that I worked on a Christian Bale film when I was starting out - Velvet Goldmine - I was more enamoured with Ewan McGregor though.

Happy New Year, Sarwat.

johnandsue said...

Thanks for the card Sarwat, it was the best-card winner on our shelf. Sadly we were woeful on that front, but Happy new Year to you, Rachel, Freya and Noni.

I think I worked out who Christian Bale is, was that him in the Prestige? He was ok but I really can't see what all the fuss is about :)
Now Ewan McGreggor... that is another story.

Candy Gourlay said...

i'd love to meet up and just talk plot. i'm in search of one.

Tracy said...

Hi again, Sarwat. I've started writing a blog and I wanted to put your book trailer in the side section like you've done but because I'm a complete numpty, no metter what i try to do I can't get it to just put yours up there without a bunch of other stuff. How did you do yours?

SarwatC said...

Dear John and Sue,
It's sad that there are still people who havent' really got to appreciate Christian the way God intended. You have my pity. Hope you both and Eghil enjoyed the hols, we must catch up.
Candy, I'm going to book myslef on a few more of the SCBWI things, but will be at Sarah's talk end of Feb. See you there?
OMG. You worked with CB and DIDN'T REALISE!?! Am speechless.
WRT the trailer: I'll double check and post shortly.

SarwatC said...

I'm assuming you've got to 'Add a Gadget'? From there go to 'Video Bar' and type in 'Sarwat Chadda' in the keywords section. That should cut the selection down to just my video clip.
I've not worked out how Candy and Jon got it appearing in their blogs though. Could they advise?

Jon M said...

Hi Sarwat, I'll send you an excel training log that makes your running a bit more interesting if you want! Great Expectations is always a good, accessible Dickens and my favourite in terms of every loose end being tied up.

As far as your trailer goes, I just signed into Youtube with my blogger account (I think you click on share and it does the rest).

Happy New Year, I'm off to hunt for Tracy's blog.

Tracy said...

Excellent - one click and it's done. Spent ages messing about yesterday and the only thing I hadn't done is put your name in - doh!!
What can I say about CB - I was too busy swooning over Ewan McGregor.

SarwatC said...

Could you give us a link to your blog. I can't find it.

Tracy said...

Here you go

SarwatC said...

Excellent site Tracy!
I've uploaded (kinda accidently) three comments. They're all the same since I didn't realise they needed approval first. Whoops.

Tracy said...

Just read them - thanks Sarwat. Published all three - hell, it makes me feel like someone's reading!!!!!

Tracy said...

Sarwat - I've just had a brainwave re my blog, would it be okay to email you with my idea? I don't have your email address but perhaps, if you don't mind, you could let me have your email address via my blog's comments page then it can be kept private because I can delete it.
Tracy :)

SarwatC said...

Tracy, cool. Aren't you a SCBWI member though? You should have my email.

spareskellington said...

Happy new year - glad to read it's going well.

I'm always trying to read the classics - I've been halfway through Crime & Punishment for years (as a result, I consider crime to be completely consequence free. Must see how that one ends).

But the best way I found was to listen to them on MP3 - That way you can get through them easily, whilst doing other stuff such as washing up, ironing, solving crimes, and bragging about all the classics you've 'read'.

(John Mc from the old office)

Stevyn Colgan said...

Great to see you last night old mate! I shall be watching closely to make sure you don't nick all my best ideas! But you have first dibs on them when I fail dismally to get them into print. See you soon.

SarwatC said...

Great seeing you an dthe chaps on Thursday. Can't believe how long it's been!
REALLY like your website. So much so I want to rip it off a bit. I'm planning to get looking a bit more professional.
However, I can't seem to contact you. I'm on web-based email and can't connect to you via your email link. I've dropped you a line via SCBWI (I think it's to you!).

Gareth said...

Hi Sarwat

Picked up your e-mail today and rattled off a reply - good to hear from you.

Really glad you liked the site - a few "pros" don't like all the flash and (quite rightly) say it messes up search engine results but if you type Jason Willow into Google it doesn't do so badly.

I've knocked up a few New Year's Resolutions too - one is to get my agent's submission pack off to Cornerstones for review over February half term - it would be nice to get a "real publisher" as printing costs for us little people are getting worse!

Good luck with the running.