Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh look, pretty book

Hooray, the bound proof has arrived! I now have an actually, 3 dimensional solid book with pages and everything. Very cool.

I've practised browsing through it, casually flipping through the pages, admiring the size and texture of it. Put it on the shelf amongst a variety of other books and, even if I say so myself, it is rather more handsome than the rest.
What's wierd is all the stuff you didn't realise until it became a book. Like how short the chapters are. The words, my words, look so very different, almost like they were written by someone else. I'm so used to seeing them on the screen or double-scaped Times New Roman, Size 12.
On other news, Greenhouse has a new agent, Julia Churchill, officially started yesterday. Hmm, it's difficult to describe her except maybe...not quite Christian Bale, but she'll do. While she may look sweet and approachable (and indeed is), she has the hunting instinct of a great white shark, so make sure you only send her your very, very best work.
The great rewrite continues on THE DARK GODDESS. The day-job strategy has(more or less) become established, but I'm still writing 'till about 1am. Have adopted afternoon sleeps to compenstae for the sleep deprivation. As a summary of the THINGS WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN since yesterday we have:
1. One dead mother.
2. One new love interest.
3. One KGB spymaster (retired).
4. One torture scene.
5. One drowning (sort of accidental).
6. A Ferrari.
Something for everyone, don't you think?


Tracy said...

Now I'm green with envy. Your own bona fide book!! Brilliant.

Your interview's still going down really well -further comments have been added and people have let me know how much they enjoyed it off-blog too.

Jon M said...

Wow! The dream, a spine with your name on it!

And an afternoon nap!!!

Sue Eves said...

Oh wow - the cityscape cover is a surprise. I like it.

What a lovely day-job you have - me too!

Gareth said...

So you haven't got a mirror out to watch yourself reading excerts from it yet... or is that just me?!

Congratualations - an exciting milestone and somebody has paid you to produce this wonderful thing (unlike me paying somebody else to print it!)

Like the idea of keeping a bit of a tally on what you have written each day etc - it's so easy to just focus on the half a million things still left to do and forget your achievements (I sound like a lifestyle coach... a new career maybe?)

Well done again.

SarwatC said...

Cheers folks,
It is great having the book at last. Visted my local bookshoppe to show them and gently hint at making sure they had piles of them on order!
Worse than practising infront of teh mirror, I need to be recorded. Will worry about that later.
Been watching the progress of the interview, very pleased that it's worked. Thanks for putting me on.

Jill Corcoran said...

Great, intriguing cover.

Stevyn Colgan said...

It feels bloody great doesn't it? When my first hardback arrived I caried around everywhere! Looking forward to my paperback edition in a few months. Enjoy the moment mate!

Nicola said...
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Nicola said...

Hi there,

I have just finished reading 'Devi's Kiss' and it was fab! You've written a really good book and I bet you're very porud of it.

Good luck with the release and all that stuff... and a note to everyone else: buy this book when it hits the shops!