Friday, 10 April 2009

Radio Interview

On Easter Monday I'll be on BBC Asian Network radio, with Raj and Pablo (covering for Nihal), the two very cool looking guys opposite.
Very excited about this one, though I doubt I'll be doing any deejaying, I'll be on between 10-11am. The last time I was at the TV Centre in Wood Lane I saw John Craven, which only shows you how old I am.
Do tune in if you can.
It's all gathering pace, it's less than a month now until DEVIL'S KISS hits the shelves, and there's the Crystal Palace Book Festival on 24-26th April. Lots of fun things ahead.
On other fronts, the Japanese deal for DEVIL'S KISS came good, as has an audio(!) version of the book, so soon you'll be able to download it onto your iPod, how cool is that?
Project X has come to a bit of a shuddering halt, will try and give it a boot today and try and finish a few chapters. I may talk a bit about it on Monday, if the subject comes up.
So, tune in a do try and make it to Crystal Palace for the festival. It would be great to see you!


tony d said...

I will try to tune in but if not I will catch up with it as it should be available on BBC IPlayer.

Good luck and try not to fluff your lines

Jon M said...

Great stuff Sarwat. I reckon you're going to be busy over the next few months and beyond! John Craven? You saw him? Now real envy has set in...
Interesting thought, compartmentalizing all the different aspects of what is happening and keeping on discuss!
Looking forward to weekend after next!

Gareth said...

So just a little backwater radio station then - I don't think so! And Nihal's slot as well... however my green-eyed monster really kicked in about the audio version... indeed.

Well done - keep on trucking and all that.

Ps - Like Jon... I'd be interested to read how you're compartmentalising writing and promotion etc... when you have a minute!

SarwatC said...

I'm not compartmentalisting any of it. I've just set myself a fairly easy monthly target this month (10,000 words) to allow for all the other stuff going on.
To be fair, in my old job I had to juggle a lot more projects.
That and lists, I make lists.