Sunday, 19 April 2009


Just saw Let the Right One In, an awesome Swedish vampire movie. It may well be the first Swedish movie I've ever seen and it blew me away.
It's set in 1980's and Oskar, our hero, is a bullied and isolated 12 year old boy. He makes friends with Eli, the mysterious girl from next door.
There was Frostbite and 30 Days and Nights so snow-bound vampires are obviously in. It's the dash of blood on the virginal white snow. It just looks right.
I like my vampires to be vampires. They kill. They drink blood, and the victims don't swoon, they scream and struggle and they DIE. HORRIBLY.
Old school vampires. Doing what they do best.
Eli is a vampire like no other. Just when you thought it had all been done, here we have a mutilated child who is truly alone and loving and pitiful. Just see the scene when she enters unbidden. She really loves Oskar in a way that's so undefended it's heartbreaking.
It's made me think, there's life in the old vampire yet. I must admit I'm a sucker for vampires (no pun intended). I even saw all three of the Underworld movies. Now that's dedication. There's room in the crypt for the Edward Cullens, Lestats, Draculas and Spikes. We never tire of them, I wonder why?
Ther's been the sexy aristocrat thing since Polidori, but it's something more basic than that. We are the vampire's food. We are prey. And though they look like us, do they really care? That's why our heart beats so much quicker.
Eli's final act of retribution is horrific. We're in deadly territory here, when we discuss her victims and responsiblity but it's natural to her to react the way she does. She is lethal in a way that's a mixture of tenderness and terror. It's all love and death with her.
See this film and welcome back the vampire. We've missed you.


Jon M said...

I do love a vampire movie. Fearless Vampire Killers is my favourite but I have childhood memories of running full pelt back from my friends house after watching Count Yorga...shiver!

Tracy said...

I've seen good things about this film and your review has tipped the balance, I definitely want to see it.
I like the whole vampire mythology but was feeling like it was getting very tired and over-visited. Very hard to find anything original.
From what I've seen of the film it looks visually beautiful.

Barbara said...

Would love for you to check out our new series about sexy vampires and demons



Gareth said...

I'm looking forward to this one - I've been a vampire fan since my formative years in front of the old Hammer Horror Double Bill late on saturday nights - rather glad they've moved on since Messrs Lee and Cushing though! Like you - I'd prefer my vampire's vicious.

SarwatC said...

My favourite vampires:
1. Akasha out of Queen of the Damned. The scene where she descimates the vampire night club just showed what a vampire's all about. I really loved that movie and it's a shame Stuart Townsend isn't bigger (loved him as Dorian Grey in LOEG).
2. Dracula. The old Christopher Lee version. Gary Oldman was great too. The three vampire brides out of the Gary Oldman version. One of them was Monica Balucci. Keanu Reeves is one lucky, lucky bugger. It's how I'd like to go.
Where was I..?
3. Spike. The accent drifts every now and then but who's doesn't?
4. Orlok for Nosferatu. FREAKY. Try and catch Murnau's Faustus too, it's amazing.
5. The vampire out of the David Soul Salem's Lot. Actually, the kid floating by the window too.
6. Eli. Of course.

sexy said...
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spareskellington said...

I saw the film last month - it stayed with me, so I ended up reading the book - It's a great read, expanding a bit of the history and the mythology of the vampires in it.

SarwatC said...

Dear All,
Just have to update you that I'm moderating comments on this blog now. Hope it won't disrupt things too much.
I kind of expected this to happen sooner or later.