Thursday, 2 July 2009


This is going to appear on my website shortly (no, not the photo, very nice that it is) but a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. However, some are very common and I'll just go through the motions on those, but some may not be, and those will be the interesting ones...
So, rather than me just list out what I'm usually asked (and have probably answered somewhere already) I would like you to send me YOUR QUESTIONS. I'll see if I can intergrate them seemlessly into my FAQ page. To get the ball rolling I'll start with a few that have come up in the last few months:
1. Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox? Well, it'll have to be our Angie. C'mon, just look at her, for heavens sake! It did cross my mind that if I put myself up for adoption there would be a small chance that I might get picked and be calling her 'Mama'. The rest of this answer's not suitable for children but, let's put it this way, I know which side of the bottle v. breast-feeding arguement I'd come down on.
2. Angelina Joile or Christian Bale? Christian, for reasons too confusing to explain. But being Batman certainly helps.
3. What's the hairiest part of your body? My back. Then my chest, then my ears.
4. Favourite author? Okay, right now (and has been for the last few years) Philip Reeve and his Mortal Engines series. OMG, they are BRILLIANT. However, it was reading Northern Lights that made me want to be a writer.
5. Favourite book? Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. I have a signed card from him above the pc. The prefect dark fairy tale and a major inspiration to The Dark Goddess.
6. Did you always want to be a writer? No, I wanted to be a ninja. Actually, I STILL want to be a ninja. Given the choice, I think it's the profession most people would pick.
7. I'm looking at applying low-carbon technology to my existing house. What would you recommend? Solar hot water panels are probably the most straightforward to retro-fit. The payback on photovoltaics is horrendous so probably not best suited for domestic jobs. Some boiler manufacturers do dual coil boilers, which will save you space, but they are expensive. Do make sure you have them on roughly south-facing roofs!
Okay, now you take it away...


Jon M said...

Sarwat, I've warned you about posting pictures of my wife on your blog!
Strawberries or raspberries?
Choc-ice or chips? Have you ever met JK Rowling? Do you live in a castle?

Are there days when you just can't write? What do you do? There, that's a serious one!

Gareth said...

How would you define your sense of humour (not to say explain it in a court of law)?

Have you played with big swords?

Who is your all-time favourite fictional character?

Are you really a ninja?

How long does it take to write a book?

When is your book going to be made into a film?

Can you put me in your next book... my name is....

Fancy coming round to mine for a beer? (posted by Christian Bale)

Candy Gourlay said...

great FAQs! i'd like to be there when you finally meet Christian Bale and realise that he doesn't come with a utility belt ...