Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Er...this might be a terrible mistake.

I don't know about you but when I went to see Casino Royale a few years ago a BIG cheer went up (and not a few wolf-whistles) when Daniel Craig emerged out of the Carribean sea. And that was just from us blokes.
I tried to keep that picture in mind today as I shuffled around the park, sweating and feeling a bit unwell. No pain no gain sort of thing.
I'm a naturally lazy person. That's why I'm a writer instead of, well, something else. However, as I suffered my latest annual waist enlargement I decided to do something about it. I don't think I'll be getting the Daniel Craig response when I surface at my local lido but hopefully me diving in won't be a seismic event. Which is good. I certainly feel different after a few weeks of exercise. Light-headed, for example.


Jessica (BookLover) said...

lol... I've tried to get into the habit of running but I prefer long walks and hikes. This way, I feel like I'm still getting my exercise and I don't feel like I'm going to die afterward.

I am really looking forward to your book's release! I posted it on my blog as a book to look out for. :)

Good Luck!

Lexie said...

I sorta kinda started excercise again--does Wii Sports count? XD I mean I do ghetto tennis with my friend, play manhunt with the kids I nanny for, walk about a hour a day (to avoid my brother and father fighting) and park as far away from the store as possible when I go shopping (unless its snowing or raining)...so...that all counts right?

I miss the days when I had a bike and could count THAT. But my brother broke it and I'm too poor to buy a new one...

SarwatC said...
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SarwatC said...

Manhunt children? Is that allowed?

Jessica, checked out your website, thanks for the mention! Also, will try and get a copy of TwiLite, sounds fun.
By the way, the above post was me. The spelling was beyond bad.

Jessica (BookLover) said...

Wow! Thanks for checking out my website! It's really too bad we have to wait so long for your book to be released here. I almost ordered Devil's Kiss from Amazon.uk but I wasn't sure if it would even make it here before the U.S. release date. :)

Are the two versions identical?

Lexie said...

heh if only it was (I can name a few kids that would benefit from it)...no Manhunt is kind of like Hide and Seek, except you play it in the dark with flashlights. I usually only play it this one family who has a corn field behind their house.

Or alternately there's a youth group I help chaperon on occasion at the local Presbyterian church. The Minister allows us to basically run pell mell throughout the church on Sunday nights after the last services--so we play Manhunt indoors, using the offices, pews, and such as hiding places. Its kind of fun honestly and afterwards the Minister's wife always has cocoa and cookies for us to munch on while they actually learn something religious.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that picture of the delectable DC, it's brightened up a difficult day :-)

BTW, I screamed out loud in excitement when I saw Devil's Kiss with a prime position in Borders, naturally bought it and will be reading it after I finish the book I'm reading now :-)

SarwatC said...

The US version is slightly longer than the UK one. So if you want the one that's super lean and mean, go UK. If you want the one with a bit more background on the Tempalrs and the such, go US.
What the hell, buy both!
Manhunt sounds fun. Alas, no corn field behind my house.
By the way, I've just finished my THIRD NOVEL! I might give myself the rest of the week off. New Christian Bale film out (okay with Johnny Depp). Might see it to celebrate!

Jessica (BookLover) said...

:) I agree--I just may have to get both! I've already ordered the UK version so I have yet another opportunity to work on my patience (I just hope it gets here sometime this month).

Congrats on the completion of your third novel! I take it Devil's Kiss is the first in a series?

If you ever decide to do a US (or International) giveaway, please keep me in mind--it would be an honor to host your giveaway. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) :)

SarwatC said...

Actually book 3 is a BRAND NEW PROJECT. New hero, new villains, new setting.
But it will kick arse very very hard!

Tam said...

Hey, just stopped by to say that I finished Devil's Kiss last week whilst I was away from home and loved it! You had me gripped right to the end (and also a little bit scraed in my lonely conference bedroom).

More, please!

SarwatC said...

Hiya Tam!
Really glad you liked it. I'm just about to launch into the rewrites on The Dark Goddess, whcih was one of the reasons I was so keen to get Project 3 done. It'll be more of the same. Much much more, actually.