Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New York, Part 2 and COMPETITION!

Okay, where were we? Yes, Homeland Security. So, eventually dropped off at Essex House. C'est magnifique! Chandeliers, marble lobby, porters and, OMG, a view over Central Park!
I'm so overcome with excitement I fall asleep.
Thursday morning it all kicks off with a video interview. I fumble my lines, sweat profusely under the glaring lamps and forget everything I know about my book. The camera man is momentarily blinded by the light off my bald patch. With much patience something is cobbled together. Apparently it'll be appearing at the Disney Parks. Be afraid, very afraid. Lunch is with my editor of awesomeness, Ari. I meet the gang and Disney Hyperion and start embellishing my tale of detainment. There may be a book in this at some point. Everyone is apologetic on behalf of their government so I decide not to blame all of America. The view is suicidally high (but truly amazing) from their offices and their windows a health and safety nightmare. We go for a legendary publsiher lunch and the steak keeps me full for the rest of the week.
Dinner is a BBQ and I'm stuffed after the starters, and with trousers straining I'm forced up onto the stage amongst Times bestsellers (hiya Cinda!) and wards winners (hiya Mo!) and basically surrounded by extraordinary talent. I manage my five minutes without tears, swearing (much) and a great big thank you to Immigration for inspiring my next project: 100 Days in Gauntanamo.
So bloated now I need a bellywheel I'm taken back to the hotel and stay up all night due to overexcitement. I watch 'Blades of Glory'.
Right, Friday is the BEA and that'll be part of my next blog. One of the key things about the BEA is the freebies, namely books and books and more books. I have City, the new one by China Meiville. Fire, the prequel to Graceling. Maze Runner, Airhead, Ink Exchange, Demon King, etc. THEY ARE YOURS! Some are signed, some aren't. Some are out, others you won't see on the shelves for quite some time yet, so this is your chance to get in way early. Some I will read first then post (I'm make sure I don't bend the spine too much).
Just email me at info(at)sarwatchadda(dot)com with your address and I will randomly pick one out of the crate and send it to you. Can't say fairer than that, can I? I will post to foreign lands, within reason. Once posted I'll delete your address, obviously.
For those who've had advanced warning via the newsletter, I'm sorry but I gave Catching Fire away already! I know it was the one EVERYONE wanted, but it went to a worthy cause, if that's any comfort. Also, don't enter twice. One book per person the judge's decision is final, blah blah.


Reverie said...

HAHAHAHA tht sounds mighty fair! You're cool, man!

SarwatC said...

Thanks! Anyway, the first batch is being posted out on Monday. I'll do the next batch the following Monday and then I think we're done. Not quite sure how many books I'm getting out but Lord knows what the postage will cost!

Jon M said...

Blimey Sarwat, you're gonna refloat the Royal Mail single handed! Glad the trip morphed into a more enjoyable form of excitement! 'Blades of Glory?' nothing else on? I thought America was the land of choice!

SarwatC said...

Okay, first batch went off today. There's a few overseas books that are going overland (not sure how this works with us being an island), but hopefully you'll get them this year.
I know, but airmail would have eaten up what's left of the advance.
Jon, very nice photo. I think the word is cadaverous.

Fantastic Book Review said...

I love reading your post...I can always come here for a laugh!