Wednesday, 24 June 2009


A few weeks ago I brought back a bundle of books from the BEA, and a few other random packages. I've finally wrapped the last pile and will post them tomorrow to those that asked. THERE ARE NONE LEFT.
The books will be winging their way to: Vania S, Nancy S, Lauren R, Kathryn E, Nicky S, Bryony P, Tina C, Tony D, Bryan R, Tracy AB, Candy G, Miriam V, HJulienne D, Lexie C, Milly A, Jon M, Darcy W, Natasha H, Cynthia S, Jeanette T, Mel R, Jessica P, Liz dJ, Gareth M and Rebecca C.
There was even an entry from Bogata, Columbia, which is a first.
There's a wide selection and if any of them become collectors' items in the future, I want half.
For those of you not blessed with addresses in Britain, you'll have to wait since I'm posting them overland. Hey, airmail isn't cheap!
Also, if the book isn't to your liking, no complaining and swap it amongst yourselves.
Meanwhile the school visist have continued. There's a certain theme developing with the groups and the discussions that come out of the sessions. The main theme is how much more bloodthristy the book could have been. Most of the school-kids demand much more gruesome violence (and death!) than I delivered, and I thought I delivered a lot. Don't let the sweet demeanor of the Year 7's fool you. Seriously, it was like being surrounded by a group of junior Hannibal Lecters.


Reverie said...

Woot Woot!!! I love surprises. This is all exciting now.. wonder what I'll get!

btw... we love gruesome.. THANKS!! :D


Jon M said...

Hehe! I got a booook! :) Sorry sarwat, I'm easily excited. The gore-factor is always an interesting issue. You seem to have got the measure of your average eleven year old!

Yunaleska said...

I'd managed not to keep up with some of my blogs this checked in after Airhead landed on my doorstep! Many thanks for this, a great surprise for a Saturday morning which I'm spending with a virus :)

jet said...

Coraline arrived this morning. Thanks so much Sarwat.

Super surprise as I hadn't noticed it on your blog (too busy writing!).

And you couldn't have chosen a better one (other than your own of course) for me!


Melissa said...

Ta very much for the book!

It arrived just in time for my hols. Can't wait to get stuck in.