Sunday, 21 June 2009

New York, Part 3

Right, we'd got as far as Friday. So, I arrive at it's the size of Earl's Court and then some. Seriously overwhelming. There's Neil Gaiman! There's China Meiville! Meg Cabot! Julie Andrews! Holly Black! and so on and so forth. There are thousands of authors signing, including Ollie North apparently.
People are gathering trolley-loads of free books and I do my bit too. Ari's on a panel talking about the 'buzz' YA books for this Fall and she does a fantastic job bigging me up intime for my afternoon signing session. I'm terribly concerned I'll be sitting there for a very lonely hour....but no!
There's a person in the queue. Then another, they bring their friends and soon enough I an signing. Lots said they'd come because of the editor's talk and frankly, it's another free book so what the hell. But to all of you who came, for whatever reason, I THANK YOU!
Leave the desk on a total high.
Totally crash a few hours later and a dinner and silent auction. Start wondering around in a bit of a haze and doing the usual party bit, looking for people I know.
Saturday is me up on stage and I don't fumble my lines too much. I'm on a YA panel and there's an unseemly scrabble for the one working mike. Slightly shoot myself in the foot when I talk about why the YA genre shouldn't exist. I blame delayed jet-lag.
Sunday I fly home, no problems with immigration this time. Sleep for hours and hours and hours.


Reverie said...

How i wish I hadn't missed BEA this year. Hopefully I can hope to go next year.

Fantastic Book Review said...

I'm glad you had a great time! I will make sure I attend next year!

Jon M said...

Sounds like an awesome and affirming experience, Sarwat. I'm not in any way shape or form envious of your trip, no not at all... :)

SarwatC said...

Says Jon with the three book deal with Bloomsbury.

Lia said...

I know, really. Your turn will come, Jon. I'm loving the updates on NY, Sarwat! What's happening on the London end?