Monday, 12 October 2009

The winners are...

Cast your minds back to last month when I ran the competition with Devil's Kiss goodies and such. So, without further ado, the winners are:
1. Lexie. Okay, she didn't really win but no-one seemed to understand the scoring system until she explained it. So that's a critique for you.
2. Jessica (Booklover). Hey, you only scored 4 points but your name came out of the hat! I think that's a copy of the book, yes?
3. Word Vore Prod. Copy of the book will be on its way shortly.
4. Bookologist. You can have the book or a critique. Choice is yours.
Can you lot email me your addresses so I can send you the books? For those who just want critiques email the first 3 chapters and synopsis. Contact me on:


Jessica (BookLover) said...

Yes! Thanks!!

Emailing you now. :)

Lil said...

I'm still waiting for my one for the twitter comment...

I'm running low on books, lol!


SarwatC said...

Okay people, packages are wrapped on on their way! This includes the various other people I promised books and suchlike to.