Thursday, 7 January 2010

India, here I come!

Finally booked my ticket to India, home of my forefathers and foremothers. It's been a trial since I was meant to go back in November but thanks to an over-enthusiastic visa office got well and truly delayed, but here we are.
What am I doing?
Well, wrapped up the latest draft of Dark Goddess, managing to cut 12,000 words out of the process and bringing it down to 76,000 (which, to get some comparison, is 11,000 longer than Devil's Kiss).
Reading Mortlock by someone called Jon Mayhew. Hmm. It's rather brilliant but I'll save my critical analysis for the enxt blog.
Shoveling snow. The novelty has worn off.
Pondering my next book. I have written it, but it's not quite there yet. Obviously it's set in India, and Kali will be relevant, but beyond that, who knows? Even though there's a manuscript sitting there, it's going in the bin and I'm starting afresh.
Which is the great luxury of writing. It's not like putting up a house, where if you don't like it, hard luck it's built and there you go, live in it. Manuscripts can be dumped if you get a better idea. Especially if you get a better idea. In fact, I'm counting on getting many better ideas once I'm out in Varanasi.
Right, back to Mortlock...


Arya said...

Have fun!!

Sue Eves said...

Varanasi - the cultural capital of India? Sounds like a good place to get a better idea. Have a fantastic trip and enjoy Morlock - lucky for some!

gcmottram said...

Blimey Sarwat you are the axeman! Chucking a whole manuscript in the bin is pretty damn self-disciplined. As you say though, it is part of the luxury (and pain) of being a full time writer... not so easy with the channel tunnel.

I've been chopping away at my book as well - finally got around to sending off to an agent and told in no uncertain terms that I've got to shave off 50,000 words before they'll even look at it... that's a shave that Sweeney Todd would be proud of!

Enjoy India.

SarwatC said...

50,000! That's an entire book by itself.
Oh, bookd my Delhi part of the trip, now just need a hotel in Varanasi itself. Tempted to blow budget...

SarwatC said...

Oh, finished Mortlock. Wow, Jon Mayhew's not just a pretty pair of legs. I'll report on this later but it is awesome.

Bee said...

Oh, awesome! Are you stopping by Kolkata?

Plz lemme know :)