Saturday, 10 July 2010

But what's it all ABOUT (Part 1)?

So, DARK GODDESS has been out a week and I've had a lot of help across the blogverse in getting the word out. Which may be why you're here.
Hmm, still feeling on a 'OMG top of the world' to 'Where are the dancing elephants?' vibe. There's a huge buzz in seeing the book in the shops and hearing how well it's going down.
DARK GODDESS. Like DEVIL'S KISS but stronger, bigger, more intense. With werewolves. Which is what we want, right?
I'm going to do a BIG roundup of all the bloggers who've joined in the fun (worshippers of the dark goddess, as it were) at the end of the month but it's already pretty big. More have joined in as things have progressed so my Events page was, like out of date the moment I uploaded it. Below are some of the bloggers who've done wonders, do check them out, 'cause I love each and every one. I'll add the others over the next week. If you're interested in:
1. Why research trips are always good. Or 'Sarwat's excuse to go to Russia'.
2. Why Conan the Barbarian is a 21st Century feminist icon.
3. The baddest of the bad bad-ass heroines through history. Or 'where Billi SanGreal came from'. 4. Why Pride and Prejudice would have been so much better with elephants.
5. Tragic romance.
6. Supernatural horror.
7. Swordfights. Lots of swordfights.
8. Why your mother should read Dark Goddess.
Well, I think there's something there for everyone, don't you? Especially your mother.
Here are the links you're looking for.
Wondrous Reads, My Fav Books (Part 1), My Fav Books (Part 2), BookZone, BookZone again, Shelli's blog, Busy Mom, LoveReading, Fantastic Books.
Seriously, do check them out. Their opininons COUNT. I understand Liz takes conference calls from Obama on Fridays. She knows EVERBODY.

Right, I'm off to see Eclipse. Then Predators.


Aik said...

I'm looking forward to reading Dark Goddess! Hope you've mailed it to me! But I'll have to get a copy of Devil's Kiss first before reading Dark Goddess!

SarwatC said...

Dear Aik,
Yes, it was posted about 2 weeks ago, but overland, so it'll take another 2-3 weeks to turn up. Plenty of time for you to read Devil's Kiss as there's a few MAJOR spoilers in Goddess.