Thursday, 1 July 2010

DARK GODDESS launch day!

It came out today.
Aren't any of you paying ANY attention?
Anyway, if you want to find out more, you're in the wrong place. I've spilled the beans and more on blogs all over the place, as mentioned in the blog just before this one.
So, now's my moment to reflect and thank all those who helped get the damn book written. And for me to apologise for;
1. Being a complete pain in the a*se during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
2. Missing, like ALL my deadlines.
3. Rolling my eyes when I was asked another question about Twilight and if I was going to put vampires in my next book.
4. Missing all my deadlines.
Right, who to thank?
I know I'm going to miss somebody (which is why I'm always wary of acknowledgements at the back of books, since my full list would probably be longer than the book itself). Those who know they helped (because they just KNOW), those who think they helped, those who didn't help but thought they did, and those who should have helped, but didn't.
1. My agent, Sarah (like, d'uh). Greenhouse is becoming a playa and it was great it be there when it all started and we both thought we'd be looking for 'real' jobs by the end of the year. Hey, two years later and still not working for MacDonalds! RESULT!!
2. My wise and ever patient editors, Lins and Ari, to whom apologies 2 and 4 especially apply. Whoops. You're right, Draft One was a shambles. Same applies to drafts 2-4. But at least I wrote quickly!
3. Rest of the Puffin gang, that's Wendy and Lisa and the merry band. It remains immensely cool being at Puffin, 'cause that's where Roald Dahl lives.
4. Conor Leslie. You ARE Billi SanGreal!
5.Alan Steel who guided me around Russia so expertly and helped with all the Russian translations. It's guys like you who make guys like me look so clever.
6. The Foyles crew. Seriously owe you guys, big time.
7. Jon Main at the Bookseller Crow.
8. The family Chadda. Well, I wouldn't be here at all without you, would I?
9. My wife and daughters. Billi SanGreal and my career (such that it is) wouldn't exist without you. And for constantly reminding me that writing isn't everything.
10. Finally you readers! Thanks for joining in on all this! It would all be rather sad without you. The best vidication I have is when I meet you at schools and such. It's a constant honour, being a writer, and no honour is greater than being a children's writer. Just ask the Jesuits.
For those of you who I've forgotten, I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY!


Bee said...

Congrats, Sarwat!


Iffath♥Ahmed said...

Aww! Congrats Sarwat :)

Rose said...

Congratulations Sarwat!
I'm really exited about Dark Goddess too. But, little question: When is it going to be out in Dutch? I think the publisher(?) mentioned on Devil's Kiss was Mynx, if that could help.
I really hope you can find out when it is due, because I can't wait to read it!

MissAttitude said...

Just wanted to drop a line and say that I just finished Devil's Kiss. My heart was in my mouth the whole time and thank you thank thank you for not putting in a mushy romance plot and no vampires. It was an absolute relief.

Then to my dismay I learn that the U.S. sequel is coming out in 2011.... :0 How can I wait that long?? Luckily I got connections (ahem aka really awesome friends) who will send me a copy from the UK.

Congratulations on your release! I have been avoiding all reviews of Dark Goddess in order to avoid potential spoilers and now I'm going to catch up on all the blog tour stops :)