Saturday, 18 December 2010

Kiss Me, Kill Me Blog Tour

It wasn't that long ago when I sat up and a meeting and suddenly realised "OMG, I'm in the paranormal (non) romance genre!"
There's a feeling at times I'm here all by myself but as my dear old mum said to me as she pushed me through the school gates on that first day "Go and make friends and don't bite anyone!" before she hurried off across the road to the hairdressers.
The best thing about the conference last month was the mixing and mingling with the lights of the YA world. You could not hope to meet a smarter, better-dressed and well-mannered bunch. There were moments (quite a few, actually) when I really did wonder if they'd got me mixed up with someone else and any second now security would grapple me to the ground, get excessive with the pepper spray and shove me on the next flight outtta DisneyTown.
Look, there's Darren Shan! Holly Black! Melissa de la Cruz! Ally Carter! Maggie Steifvater! Carrie Ryan! OMG, what is she doing? Is that legal here? Well I suppose it's possible with medical training, but seriously, using just a spoon? It doen't look hygienic...
Hold on, there was a point to this blog. Ah yes. Making friends and influencing people. So, after hanging out with said superstars and basking in their light I was pushed onto a plane to leave the cloudless skies of Orlando far, far behind (hey, did I tell you I got upgraded when I gave a flight attendant a copy of my books? True!). But, I have taken a little fistful of ideas with me, back to the snow-bound wastes of South London.
I'd like to announce the 'Kiss Me, Kill Me' blog tour!
Cool title, don't you think? Well, I like it so that's what we're going to call it. Sigh. Some people.
Starting in Jan and running for as long as I can manage, I'll be inviting the great and the good and glamorous and gruesome of the YA paranormal world here, to review and interview them about what shakes their tree and gets their cold, vampiric blood flowing.
With a title like 'Kiss Me, Kill Me' I'll be starting with the female of the species. Quite the most deadly collection of authors, I think you'll agree. I've got Maggie Stievater, Cindy Pon, Rachel Hawkins and Carrie Ryan and that's just to start with. There will be vampires, zombies and werewolves, Oh My!
So, have a merry old Christmas, don't worry about the snow and I'll catch you later.
Kiss Me, Kill Me. Well I think it's a cool title.


Arya said...

This sounds awesome! =)

♥Iffath said...

Kiss Me, Kill Me is an awesome title dude!! Can't wait! :))

SarwatC said...

I was going to call it a 'Fistful of Awesomeness' but I might use that another time.
You cannot imagine how excited I am! Plus, only MINUTES ago, Melissa de La Cruz has offered to join in and we know how busy she is what with Hollywood parties and fashion shows to be attending.

Jodie said...

Oooooo - especially Hawkins.

SarwatC said...

Will have an EXTRA-SPECIAL announcement regarding Rachel Hawkins soon.

MissAttitude said...

The title is killer! heehee

I will try and read Hex Hall before this tour starts (andm aybe I can get my hands on Fury of the Phoenix soon :)

Can't wait! Well actually I can because Jan. (see how I'm not even spelling it out because I'm too brain fried to remember how it's spelled??) means finals and finals means going back to school and that means more math and science and that means yuckiness and that means..erm well I'll stop now. At least I now have something to look forward to in Jan =D

cindy said...

you are so so funny sarwat. this entry made me laugh out loud. and hello, somehow i am part of Kiss Me, Kill Me and i love it. the title is fantastic! =D

SarwatC said...

Hiya MissA and Cindy!
Glad you like the title. Strangely I've read loads of UK YA and not so much US YA, so I'm working hard to remedy this.
Cindy, you're next on the reading list. I hope to send you my questions next week. I would have done it earlier but the book took 2 weeks to arrive!