Monday, 13 December 2010

Ode to the Chainsaw

It's a statement weapon. It says 'Hey, I'm loud, noisy,brutal and when this is over, there'll be blood on the carpet and dismembered limbs in the kitchen'.
It reminds us that quantity has a quality of its own.
Suitable for most social ocassions. Be it zombies or lost teens, the chainsaw is the answer.
It's not subtle, true, but it announces itself. You know when somebody starts up a chainsaw.
We're half-way through the Chainsaw Gang's 12 Deaths of Christmas and while I'm disappointed we're not heading for that Xmas No.1 slot in the charts, in all other aspects the tour has been a success!
Thank you for joining it, one and all.
Below is the full list of the bloggers who've been involved. Each has posed us a curious question (who would you be in yoru favourite horror movie? What's the spookiest place you've ever visited? Books for Xmas and so on) and we've all given them our answers, which range widly! Plus there has been singing.
Thurs 9th Wondrous Reads
Fri 10th BookZone
Sat 11th and Sun 12th Book Gazing
Mon 13th BookZone
Tues 14th Wondrous Reads
Thurs 16th Enchanted Books
Remember, each comment entered gets a chance to win the Chainsaw Library, a signed copy from each member of the Chainsaw Gang. That would be your 2011 reading list sorted in one go, wouldn't it? Alas, only UK residents, this time.

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Kate said...

A blog tour - with a difference - like it!