Monday, 3 January 2011

'Kiss Me, Kill Me' UPDATE!

Well, Dark Goddess is imminent in the US. I'm hoping this may be of some interest to a few of you beyond my immediate family.
A large box of advanced copies of the hardback has arrived in all it's shiny glory and there I am wondering 'yes, well I don't need ALL of them, do I?' though (can I admit this, what the hell, I bet everyone does this) I have a copy of each different version of my books up on the shelf, including spare copies in Polish (if anyone's interested). Is that vain? I kinda wonder if JK Rowlings has, like, a whole library of Harry Potters ranging from translations in Aremenian to Zulu to, er, American to Zimbabwean.
Maybe it's just me.
Where was I? Oh yes. Kissing and killing. Two of my favourite activities, except the killing one, obviously (which, actually, even if I had done, I wouldn't admit, would I? Though given how few people visit the website, who would notice? Except maybe Homeland Security in which case, I'd like to explicitly state I have never done any of the later and frankly not much of the former).
'Oh, for Heavens sake, Sarwat, wasn't the "quit rambling" one of your New Year's Resolutions?'.
No, it wasn't, so stop being a smart alec.
However, what WAS a New Year's Resolution was to embrace* the following YA authors at this here blog:
So, starting THIS Friday 7th Jan 2011 and running EVERY Friday for the next ten, I will be reviewing and interviewing the shining gods of all things YA and paranormal! I guarantee you have their books on your bookshelf and if you don't you will damn soon!
What have I got? Well want to you want?
Yes, yes, VAMPIRES. What a surprise. I know about that already. Then let me tempt you bloody little beasties with Bluebloods, courtesy of the glamourous Melissa de la Cruz. I met Melissa in Orlando as part of the Hyperion posse and she has very kindly taken time out of her busy life of writing, poolside meetings and Hollywood parties to discuss why high fashion and bloodletting go naturally together.
Oh, did someone say ZOMBIES? You there, behind the boy with the sticking-out ears. Well, the BEST zombie book out there right now is The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, isn't it? Well it's damn lucky Carrie a mate of mine. See, I knows famous people. Carrie will be enlightening us with the hungry dead and telling us on what makes her world so uniquely terrifying.
WITCHES? I have witches for you. Rachel Hawkins has written Hex Hall, a home for deliquent spellcasters (and vampires, faeries, ghosts and werewolves too). Creepy, hilarious and spooky, all in equal measure Rachel will explain how bust size is a measure of supernatural power. Like I didn't know that already.
Seriously, is this not fan-boy/girl enough?
Gosh, some people or never happy.
Faeries. Yes, I said faeries. We cater to all tastes. I have a soft spot for faeries, but if they're done properly. That means crib-robbing, cursing and terrorizing the foolish mortals that don't play by their rules. Like they do in a town called Gentry. Brenna Yovanoff's first book, The Replacement (yes, the one with the creepy pram cover) is already a New York Times bestseller. Good thing then she owes me a favour, isn't it?
I think I will leave it there, for now. There are a few more authors who subscribe to the 'Kiss Me, Kill Me' philosophy, and I'll tell you about them later. Suffice to say it will include kick-ass heroines, werewolves, fallen angels and Russian princesses. And there'll be a competition. Like I said, I've a few copies of Dark Goddess to offload.
*When I mean embrace I mean metaphorically, not in either a) a vampiric way sense since I'm not one of the undead or b) in the prelude to kissing sense either, after all my wife does read this blog. Well, she says she does.


Cari said...

I'm in the US and I'm really excited to read Dark Goddess. Also I'm looking forward to meeting you and Rachel Hawkins when your tour stops in Houston!

Jon M said...

I love the photo Sarwat! It took a moment to sink in and then... yay!