Friday, 7 January 2011

The Rachel and Sarwat EPIC US tour!

Back to America. As of Monday 28th Feb I'm on tour around the vast and glorious US of A. Again. I know I've done it before but I missed a few bits, okay?
Obviously the publishers don't trust me to be able to manage on my own, so I'll be on these epic travails with Rachel Hawkins, legendary author of Hex Hall and Demonglass!
We'll be teaming up on events, doing schools together and no doubt fighting over who has the window seat. When I discovered I was joining forces with her, I did ask around, you know, to be sure her personal habits were compatible with mine.
My word, she has some fans. They called here 'funny, witty and amazing'. Which is very different from how I've been described ('danger to world peace' I think was one of the printable phrases). It puts me under a lot of pressure. Gosh, it's a challenge to get matching socks on in the mornings let alone manage to be 'witty and funny and amazing'. I'm kind of feeling a bit like Robin to Rachel's Batman. I get to wear the green pants. Not a cool look for me.
I'm hoping my British accent will make up for any personality flaws.
"But where, Sarwat," I hear you cry. "Where will you be? We'd love to meet our favourite author and have our books signed. It would be quite nice to meet you too, we suppose."
Seven flights in 12 days. It will be rather insane and tremendous.
Mon 28th Feb- Arrive in Chicago.
Tues 1st March- Anderson's Bookshop, Naperville.
Weds 2nd- Fly to Memphis to do an event at Davis-Kidd bookstore.
Thurs 3rd- Off to Oxford, Mississippi. Event will be at Square Books Jr.
Fri 4th- Fly off to Houston and at Blue Willow bookstore in the evening. Hope for some peccan pie while I'm there.
Sat 5th March- Still in Texas. More Peccan pie. Off to Murder by the Book bookstore (where I did my FIRST EVER event in 2009. Excellent!)
Sun 6th March- To Phoenix! To Changing Hands bookstore!!
Mon 7th- Barnes and Noble in Phoenix (TBC)
Tues 8th- Fly to Oakland, California. Learn to surf. Then off to Copperfield's bookstore.
Weds 9th- At Kepler's bookstore in Menlo Park, CA.
Thurs 10th- If it's Thurs, it must be San Jose! We'll be at Hicklebee's. We'll save a seat for you.
Fri 11th To Seattle and appear at Third Place Books. Get my sister that Nirvana teeshirt.
Sat 11th Still in Seattle, bookstore TBC. Then stumble onto the plane and fly home.
Sun 12th -collapse on the sofa and sleep for three days.
I'll update this on my website when I've got all the times, but safe to assume they'll be evening-ish.
There'll be school visits in amongst those, but if you are in the neighbourhood, please come and say hello! I've a feeling I've had more than my share of US trips now and I'm not sure when I'll be back next. So this is my chance to meet EVERYONE. If you don't come, how will I remember your birthday?


MissAttitude said...

You're coming to Chicago!!!!!!!! (in case you didn't already know). I will be there :D I'll have to read Hex Hall before then but it was already on my list, this just bumps it up higher.

♥Iffath said...

Wow, sounds exciting! Hope you have fun! Now you'll just have to bring Rachel back to the UK with you so WE can meet her! :))

Kiki Hamilton said...

Wow! That does sounds like a whirlwind trip! Take pictures so you can remember where you were because it will probably all be a blur when you're done....

Yay for coming to Seattle! I interviewed Rachel for The Enchanted Inkpot so it will be fun to meet her in person and to you see you again! I'll bring Carly along too. :D

Kiki Hamilton said...

and btw, Sarwat, you are so FUNNY! Have you ever thought of writing a humorous book?

SarwatC said...

I'll do my best, Rachel's a funny woman and I'm sure the British government has fogiven her for that, y'know, thung from last year. Plus she tells me her books will have scenes set in the Uk so she has to visit for research purposes!
You're too kind. It'll be awesome to see you in Seattle, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could make it to one of the places you will be at :( I hope you have a grand time here in the US! Please try to remember, we do have normal people over here...they're all just too scared of us crazies to come out much. Kiki is right, by the way, you are VERY funny! I love your blog (and your books of course)!