Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Do not try this at home!

I love TV. I think we're entering a golden age of tv viewing. So many channels but, at last, something worth watching. In fact, I'd like to be buried with my dvd collection. It'll keep me busy 'till Judgement Day.
So, I'd like to take you through my current list of fav programmes.
1. Mad Men. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know everything stops for Mad Men. The glamour, the awesomely, ridiculously good lookin' cast, Roger's quips and the drip drip drip storytelling. It's why TV was invented.
2. The Walking Dead. The series open with our protagonist blowing away a small child. Don't worry, the kid's a zombie, but still, kind of reminds me of something I once wrote...
Plus, I love a guy who can handle an axe. Left foot forward, leading with the right hand. A classic move. Zombie problem solved. I'm sure Arthur will be sending Rick an invite to join the Templars pretty damn soon.
3. Entourage. A change of pace and style. Hedonistic, sharp and with a deep, deep current of anxiety and fear. It's about a bunch of hangers on and their lead guy, Vincent. Handsome, charming, pretty shallow and that's probably for the best. Cool cool cool.


Jessica said...

I love "The Walking Dead" too. Can't wait for more...six episodes was NOT enough...very well done.

Anonymous said...

Sarwat. We're completely sold on Mad Men. Thanks for the DVDs.

SisterSpooky said...

YES YES YES! Mad Men! I'm finally up to date on season 4 via the iplayer. this show just get better every episode.

I go into work after a Mad Men binge and discuss with my boss who is only onto season 2 after I made her watch it! Classic TV viewing!