Monday, 28 February 2011

The tour begins! Hollywoodland

My bodyclock is telling me it's lunchtime but the hotel clock says 4.30am. Uurgh.
So, arrived in LA yesterday and tried to get down to the Oscars, just to cheer on Christian Bale. Obviously my presence was just enough to tip the scales and HUZZAH! A well deserved Oscar, methinks.
Couple of things I try and do when abroad.
1. Walk about a bit. I love exploring cities by foot and, having looked at the map, thought I could stroll down to the Kodak Theatre and join the heaving crowds. But Hollywood Blvd is INCREDIBLY LONG so by the time I got there, everyone had gone in. By the time I got back I'd missed Christian's acceptance speech. Damn it! However, first impressions? I've never met such glamourous hotel staff. I'm assuming everyone here is an actor between jobs but the concierge of the hotel could have been a catwalk model and the guy at the desk was so good-looking thoughts of Christian momentarily vanished from my mind. Suffice it to say I decided to stay away from the hotel pool, given the six-packs on display.
Later today I meet some people (so will try and get some sleep in) then tonight I'm flying to Chicago which is like almost all the way back across the continent. Oh joy.
Really excited about finally meeting Rachel Hawkins. I'll find out if what they say aboout her is really true. I hope not. I feel terribly intimidated by talented writers.
The photo above is the venue for the Vanity Fair party, which is apparently THE post-Oscar party party to go to. It's the first time I've seen traffic attendents in ballgowns.
The plan is the blog will serve as a travel/tour diary of sorts and a way of monitoring sleep deprevation as we skip from time zone to time zone.
Next blog should be from Chicago.
Have a good (rest of the) night.

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Hannah said...

I have to work on Tuesday or I would so be there to see you when you are in Naperville. I'm sorry I'm going to miss meeting you. Hope your tour is fantastic!
APL Teen Librarian & Devil's Kiss fan!