Sunday, 15 March 2009

Moving on...

Things are starting to hot up on several fronts as publication date looms...

But first, news on a new book deal(s).

Alas, not for me, but for my 'brother from another mother' Jon Mayhew.

His Mortlock has gone for a THREE book deal with Bloomsbury as they're obviously found something to lift them out of the post-Potter slump.

Jon and I have been swapping concerns, dreams and tactics for a year or so, and I'm very very pleased that all his hard work's paid off. The story's a Victorian Gothic adventure story, also with a female protagonist (is it something in the air?) and will be out, as a hardback (now that shows a lot of faith) and will no doubt be preceeded by a media blitzkrieg.

Despite the shrinking of lists and the tightening of belts, talent will win through.
Congrats Jon and you thoroughly deserve it.

Anyway, this is my blog so we'll get back to talking about ME ME ME!

First, I'm finally having a proper website built. The one I had now was always meant to be a place filler, now the filling is coming. Candy's doing a splendid job and it'll be launched in a month or so.

So, this blog will evolve into something new. I'm not sure what exactly but for a while now I've realised that I'm going over the same old stuff, technically. What I want is a change in emphasis, as much to do with the 'journey' of being a debut novelist (though when Book 2 comes out I'll no longer be a debut, will I?) and other aspects, maybe more about the book itself and the characters within it.

This means some info will migrate into the website 'proper', but that's a month or so ahead.Meanwhile, THE DARK GODDESS has gone off to the publishers. I'm now working on a BRAND NEW book, totally unrelated to the Templar series. It's very exciting having a whole new world to play in and no baggage at all. All I can say right now is the hero's name is Tom, and I have savage plans for this boy, I just hope he's up to the challenge.


Tracy said...

Excellent - looking forward to seeing the new website.

Jon's book does sound v good, I can't wait to read it.

All this stuff happening, it's cheery news in the current doom and gloom climate. Keep up the good work boys.

Are you still happy to be my reporter on the frontline? :)

Gareth said...

Excellent news for Jon - great to hear publishers are still taking on talented new faces (sounds like the next X Factor). Anything Gothic gets my attention.

Look forward to seeing the website re-vamp and chatting to Candy about it.

Tom... fantasy... not a small chap, about the size of a finger or a... no - probably not. Good luck with it.


Jon M said...

Hehehehehehe! Thanks, mate and you know it means so much coming from THE Sarwat Chadda :-)!

I'll be watching your website progress with great interest for obvious reasons. Mine's pretty bland and boring.

Poor Tom, I feel sorry for him rattling around in your dark imagination! :)

Thanks BFAM!

SarwatC said...

Yep. Still on for that.
Plan is that the first draft of Porject X will be done for the summer. There's a lot of research involved, but I'm aiming at making it mid-grade (though this may change).
The hard work's just beginning!

Sue Eves said...

Before you move on - I want to pull you back to Devil's Kiss. Thank you for sending me an advanced copy. I will buy a first edition even though I'm quite attached to my 'knife-scarred' copy with pages floating out.

I took it with me on my weekend away from writing and read the whole book. The opening line is a killer and the first chapter is a whisper of its old self (in SCBWI Undiscovered voices).

Sharp, terrifying and totally possessing, it's a masterwork of plotting and an exhilarating juxtaposition of Medieval and modern Templary. You are an SCBWI hero, Sarwat and Billi will be everybody's heroine.

Holler said...

Good luck to Jon and too you with your new book! I will await the new website :)

SarwatC said...

You're my FAVOURITE human being! Blushing terribly but glad it went down well.
The website's looking pretty good, Candy's going all out on it. Really looking forward to getting it up and running. The blog will still play a dominant part in it, though.

SarwatC said...

Aha! You'll notice how the blog's changed too!
All part of the plan...

Jon M said...

Love it! Love it!

Gareth said...

The blog and website are looking fab, Sarwat - well done you and your team. Fantastic look and feel - keep going with it.

PS (boring, boring pinickity point) - just check your events diary on the website for the 15th May - I think you're double booked on either side of the Atlantic! Now I know you're high flying but....

SarwatC said...

Funny you should mention that but I am double-booked on both sides of the Atlantic, but that's on the 27th May. Ho hum.
Will tidy all of this up shortly.