Monday, 30 March 2009

Oaklands Secondary School

Last Friday I visited Oaklands Secondary School as part of my 'unofficial' book tour.
Given that it was the last lesson slot before the beginning of the weekend and they'd had the likes of Darren Shan visit, I was slightly apprehensive that this was going to be hard work.
Totally the opposite. The students were seriously getting into their stride with the scene setting and the final dramatic acting out of their own version of the story, and fortunately, no one was hurt.
I intend to put pics up of the visit, including the students themselves, on the website proper shortly, so in the meanwhile you'll have to bear with one of me in full 'I wish I'd thought of that' mode.
We talked a lot about where stories come from, and how to add drama into a scene, lots of shooting ideas about and the hour whizzed by, so alas we didn't get as far as the Q&A.
The unofficial tour thing continues with me popping up at the Crystal Palace Festival on the 25th April. There'll be advanced copies of DEVIL'S KISS available, a couple of weeks before official publication. All very fitting since Chapter 1 opens at Crystal Palace itself.
Thanks to all who attended last Friday, it was great and I'll see you again next year with THE DARK GODDESS!

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Jon M said...

Nice going Sarwat! They didn't sellotape you to the ceiling or anything! Obviously a natural at it!