Saturday, 7 March 2009

Invaders must DIE!

Just bought the Prodigy's new album, INVADERS MUST DIE. I've ben a fan since way back, since Charley and they've lost none of their raging power.

Run with the Wolves is utterly awesome and if there was a title track for THE DARK GODDESS, this would be it. What amazes me is how a piece of work that's just three or four minutes long can strike so deep. There's something elemental about it, you just want to bang your head. It's as primitive as an expression as you can get.

I'm listening to it right now, for the third time in a row.

Okay, we've got drums, guitars, a thunderous beat so it's not the words that are relevant, not it this case. But think about Johnny Cash, the Beatles or (fill in your favourite) and you know what I mean. You could write hundreds of pages, thousands, and never touch the pure emotion of music. It needs no translation (haven't you ever been moved to tears by a song you couldn't understand?), it needs no understanding, it's that fundamental.


Rewriting THE DARK GODDESS. I'm sharpening all the edges just before I send it off to the publishers.

March is also the month the publicity machine comes alive. More on that as it happens.
Also, have you seen the Watchmen yet? Much better than I expected. I must admit, part of that is I was never a huge fan. Of Alan Moore's work I prefered 'V for Vendetta' (and quite liked the film too) and 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' (ditto. I loved Dorian Grey).


Jon M said...

Spot on with the music observation, I've never got into Prodigy but our tastes DO collide again when it comes to Watchmen, I remember struggling with the comics when they first came out and never finishing them. I'm just going to watch the film and enjoy it...I hope! That is stirling work on TDG! Incredible.

Anonymous said...

sarwat, what is the series called as a whole? is it called the devil's kiss series? thought suddenly came to me as i was cowering under the sheets while reading it.

SarwatC said...

The Templar Tales? The SanGreal Chronicles?
No idea. It's only two books right now. Maybe if the series grows I'll think of something.

Gareth said...

As a lot of it is set after dark - how about TEMPLAR NIGHTS. (hee, hee, I'm so funny!)

Hope to meet up again soon at the next social. Did you say/blog that you were off to Bologna?


SarwatC said...

Bologna! Here I come!
Yes, just got my entry card and am thinking about getting a tee-shirt with 'Yes,I am THE Sarwat Chadda' to wear throughout.
Which reminds me, I must sort out the baby-sitting.
Templar Nights? The less said about that, the better.

Gareth said...

Tee Shirt sound like a fab idea - I think you should do it.

I have one that says "Trainee Famous Author" which makes some folk laugh (with me or at me... who knows?)

Look forward to an insider's view of the book fair - have a great time.