Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Wow. It's finally out. This is a piccie from Village Books where it's on the front window. Right next to Gone (so I feel a sort of reflected cred) and I saw it at Foyles (St. Pancras) too.
So, after it feeling like it would nevere ever happen DEVIL'S KISS is at last on the bookshelves.
How do I feel?
Elated. Anxious. Heart's pumping and there's a definate thrill as well as stomach twisting 'Why aren't there hordes of people buying it?' sort of vibe.
The baby's out in the big bad world and we'll now see what happens next. The rollercoaster ride never ends. Not when you've got an agent. Not when you've got a publishing deal and not when it's on the shelves. I don't know how many careers create such intense emotions, certainly not building services, which is what I did in a past life.
Okay, while my name is on the cover there's been a hell of a lot of other people that have made this happen. I've brought their names up before but I'm going to do it again, now.
The Greenhouse crew and everyone and Working Partners and Rights People. Sara, Sara and Sarah for pulling me off the slush pile.
Puffin and Hyperion for all your enthusiasm and patience when the deadlines loomed and for doing such an excellent job on turning such raw material into a BOOK.
All the SCBWI gang. The Undiscovered Voices I shared my first book with have been totally enthusiastic and everyone's celebrated everyone's success. We're in this together and it's great to feel what's important is books and getting people reading. We write for ourselves but it's the readers that make us writers.
To family. Last but most important. They're the reasons I do any of this and made my life as a writer become the life of my dreams.
Thank you all!


JaneyV said...

Congratulations Sarwat. Mine came in the post today and I am about to make a cup of tea and delve in. And when I'm finished I'll give it to my son and tell him to spread the word. But I get to read it first!

Tracy said...

Congratulations Sarwat. :D
It is indeed a cracking read.

Jon M said...

Nice one, Sarwat. A brilliant book and a brilliant guy! Now we get out there and sell it! Good luck, mate.

SarwatC said...

I'm just about to leave for my tour. Oswestry, here I come!
Will blog a bit on this over the weekend.

tony d said...

Many congratulations on what has been a very long journey. Iknow how hard you have worked to get this far and nobody deserves it more than you. Buckle up your life is about to enter hyperspace.

Best wishes as always

Margaret said...

YAY!!! Go you! Congratulations!

Gareth said...

Congratulations Sarwat - what a star you are!

Have a great book tour.

Gordy's Blog said...

Congratulations!!! Don't forget to give me a shout if your tour gets as far as Norwich!

Sue Hyams said...

That's so great! Congratulations. I can walk past the shop now, point to it and say "I know him!" And I'll push them all inside to buy a copy too!

SarwatC said...

Cheers All!
Just back from stage 1 of the publicity tour and it's been tiring, but great fun.
I get the kids to do some live action roleplaying as part of the event and it's thrown up some disturbing facts about today's children.
It's been hysterical, in all senses of the word. Hope to get picies up onto the website proper in a week or so.

Sue Eves said...

Good Luck with the Book Launch Party tonight, Sarwat
Can't wait!