Saturday, 23 May 2009

Writing Jam! Maybe even marmalade!

Do you want to be a writer? Dreamed of having a line of books with your name up on the shelves? To be immortailized in print?
No? Well don't bother reading further and come back next week when I'll move onto a new topic, probably the new Terminator movie.
Anyway, for those still with me there's a small workshop on writing to be held by yours truly on Saturday 20th June at Herne Hill, South London.
It's at the old Apollo video shop which, for the month of June will transform into an arts venue with cinema, music, artwork and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.
Now, rather than me decide what we should do, it's up to you. It'll be open for 11+, so kids are more than welcome. The only limit is that it'll be focused on Writing for Children, and we'll be looking at basic principles, plotting, characterization, scene design or something similar. That's my background (well that and engineering but I'm not sure who'd take me up on running an engineering class) and I want it to be as interactive as possible, so bring pens and paper.
To get the ball rolling, here's my suggestions:
1. Scene writing. What is a scene, how does it work? Would you recognise one if it ran you over?
2. Characterization. Designing your story's hero or heroine and we'll discuss what makes a character work. This will overlap with...
3. Plotting a story. We'll look at the Hero's Journey and the common events that occur in most classical stories. Unless they're written by David Lynch.
It's a free event, and I'll blog the specific times and any further info closer to the day, but it'll be in the afternoon.
So, if you have any suggestions or ideas, do drop me a comment. This should be a laugh!

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Lia said...

How about Power Openings that grab you by the throat and don't let go? You're rather good at those!