Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Dark Goddess COMPETITION!!

Frankly I never tire of seeing that cover, do you? Hopefully you'll be seeing more of it in full 3D life at bookshops all over the UK this time next month EXACTLY.
But, for those of you who cannot wait, I have five signed copies to give away, like right now!
So, where were we?
In Devil's Kiss you met Billi SanGreal, 15 years old and mighty reluctant to follow in her father's footsteps and join the Knights Templar in their neverending war against the Unholy.
Throat-ripping vampires? Check.
Twisted, chilling life-sucking ghosts? Check.
The Devil himself? Double-check.
The Dark Angels? Oh yes indeed.
Devil's Kiss opened up Billi's world and it was one of violence, twisted ambition and the choice between doing the right thing, no matter the cost, even true love. We met Billi, her psycho father Arthur and the other knights. We met Mike, the very definition of bad, mad and dangerous to know and finally we met Kay, the love of Billi's life and the greastest hero of them all.
Dark Goddess brings us back to Billi, three months later. She's thrown herself wholeheartedly into the Templar life and has become her father's daughter. Utterly ruthless and dedicated to their holy war, the Bataille Tenebreuse.
We meet the knights again and new members of the Order, Mordred and Lance. We also meet Vasilisa, nine years old and potentially the Templars' newest Oracle. But she has powers even the knights cannot comprehend and they're not the only ones after her.
The ancient witch, Baba Yaga, has unleashed her Polenitsy, a tribe of female werewolves. She has plans for Vasilisa and they're drastic. She wants to cull humanity for the harm its done to the natural world and Vasilisa is the key to creating a global catastrophe that will reduce mankind to more 'manageable' levels.
The Polenitsy are old school lycanthropes. If you've read Devil's Kiss you've met my vampires. They're not dark anti-heroes. They are your nightmares. No hanging around nightclubs looking all angsty and brooding. They hate, they hunt, they feed, they kill. Like real vampires should.
My werewolves are cut from a similar cloth. You will not want to be lost in the woods when they come stalking.
Led by Old Grey, the werewolves have come to London for Vasilisa and will not let anyone stand in their way.
Dark Goddess is about being a human and how easy it is to become a beast. Billi faces the two sides of her soul, the side that pities, loves and carries compassion and the side that thrives on anger, revenge and passion. Billi, Baba Yaga and Vasilisa, they're all the Dark Goddess, in their own way.
To defeat Baba Yaga she goes to Russia and meets Ivan Alexeivish Romanov. Sixteen. Heir to the Russian throne. Suits from Saville Row, guns from Heckler and Koch. You'll like him, I guarantee it.
Right, has that whet your appetite? Want a copy early? All you have to do is enter. To make this more fun I'm doing the old 'points makes prizes'. The more you spread the word, the greater your likelihood of winning, and there may be a few extra special goodies too.
+1 vote if you follow my blog
+1 if you follow my Tweets (don't worry, I won't overload you with a million tweets a day about my lunch and what colour nail polish I'm wearing*)
+1 if you tweet my competition yourself (we want everyone joining in!)
+2 if you link my competition onto your blog/ website/ side of house
+5 if you paste my countdown widget onto your blog/website/side of house/granny's forehead
+3 if you comment here about your favourite literary heroine AND WHY. I'll kick off with Hester from Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines. Why? Because she kicks ass and her best friend is a terminator.
-10 if this heroine is in ANYWAY involved with a vampire! (Only joking but you can't all put Bella Swan, okay?)
-50 if you're name is, or ever was, Jon Mayhew.

(*black, obviously)


Kris said...

Please enter me! I would LOVE to read this one...it sounds awesome!

I follow your blog

I follow your tweets (been doing that one!)

retweeted @KrisLovesBooks

posted giveaway on sidebar www.cajunbooklady.com

Lo-Lo said...

OK, here are my entries -
+1 if you follow my Tweets
+1 if you tweet my competition @lolopants
+3 if you comment here about your favourite literary heroine AND WHY.

I love Menolly in Anne McCaffrey's 'Dragon...' books - she's headstrong and feisty, a great musician, and has 9 cute firelizards - awwww!!!

SarwatC said...

Spooky. You're the second person in 2 days to mention Anne McCaffrey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarwat, I follow your blog, of course, I follow your tweets, I've tweeted your competition and I've linked your competition to my blog / website.

My favourite literary heroine ... Can I have more than one? I agree with you about Hester, she totally rocks and she'd be in my top five for sure, but in addition I want three more:
- Lessa (from Dragonriders of PERN by Anne Macaffrey). Anne Macaffrey's characterisation is amazing, Lessa has been through a lot (seen her family killed and worked as a slave to the man who killed them, never washing in case he recognises her) but she is able to seize her opportunity to escape and she can both love her dragon and be a fair, strong partner to her husband. She has flaws (she's vindictive and stubborn) and I think I love her more for those than her huge heart.
- Jo March (Little Women, Louisa May Alcott). She runs away to New York to become a writer. Nuff said.
- Eve Levine (Haunted, Kelley Armstrong). Evil black witch, dies and is called by the fates to fight evil because the angels are too nice to understand it! Ultimately becomes a sort of warrior angel with a big sword! Very cool.

I love well written female characters who are strong fighters, who get what they want, but are also vulnerable and compassionate. They show what women can be (good and bad) and are hugely inspiring. :))

I can't wait to see what happens to Billi next.


jj said...
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jj said...

Here are my entries (this might be a repeat but I'm not sure as my computer is just well...... yeahhh)

I follow you on your blog and check your website whenever my computer chooses to turn on. Also I have posted your contest on my very own, sunburnt forehead for 3 hours during which I walked around and entered 2 restaurants ( everyone stared...... but really what did I expect ???)

And my favorite literary heroine is Katsa from the book "Graceling" by Kristin Cashore. Katsa is a graced fighter with a wicked sense of humor that I enjoy. She has no regrets about herself or her life other than wanting to be free from constricting rules and peoples sometimes cruel opinions, which I can relate to. She is a total hardcore fighter living in a fantasy world that I am quite jealous of and the description of her could have been inspired by me ( apart from the two mismatched eye colors) she is the coolest herione I could think of ( other than Billi of course) and she is my number 1 choice.

Thanks :))

Jessica said...

Great Contest!!!
I follow your blog
I follow your tweets (jessyabookobssd)

Favorite heroine - Alanna from the Lionness Quartet by Tamora Pierce - she is fierce, yet learns to balance her feminine side...sort of!

total +6

Melissa @ Flourish {and} Blotts said...

Ohh, I can't wait to read Dark Goddess! Thanks for this contest - please enter me! :)

+1 for following blog
+1 for following tweets (@flourishxblotts)
+1 for tweeting about the competition
+2 for linking contest on blog sidebar
+5 for pasting countdown widget on blog sidebar
+3 for my favorite literary heroine and why: Hard to choose just one, but the first heroine who came to mind was Katniss from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. Why? She's hardcore! The odds are against her, but she never looses her determination or will to survive. She stands up for others and against factions she doesn't agree with. Pretty awesome heroine. :)

Total: 13

SarwatC said...

Oh, LOVE Hunger Games so yes, I completely agree about Katiss.
I'm team Peeta though, all the way!

Cari said...

+1 vote if you follow my blog
+1 if you follow my Tweets
+1 I tweet about your competition
+3 favourite literary heroine is Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy Series because she is not only a strong female, but she also makes mistakes. She loves hard and puts her friends first.


Cari :))

Jules94 said...
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Jules94 said...

here are my entries:
+1 follow ur blog
+1 follow tweets
+1 tweeted competition
+2 post linked to blog
+5 posted widget

Please pick me :)

SunDoll said...

+1 Follow your blog
+1 Follow your tweets
+3 Favourite Literary Heroine:
I have many but I will say Tally from Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Series.

Sure shes pretty messed up, brings trouble on herself and can be pretty empty headed (I'm not much different), but she fights back, she lets her experiences change her and she protects what she thinks is important.

KimiKayKristie said...

Thanks sooo much for the contest. I can't wait for the book. Please enter me. :))

I follow your blog

I follow your tweets

I retweeted @Kristie_Abbott

My favorite heroine is Katsa from Graceling by: Kristin Cashore becaus Katsa is caring and will put her life on the line for save strangers. She is an amazing fighter and is good with many weapons. She also doesn't need anyone to take care of her because she is graced with surviving and is very independent.

Carrie said...

I follow your blog.

I follow your tweets.

Fave literary heroine....well, since you already mentioned one of my faves Hester from Mortal Engines, et al., I think I'll have to go with another of Reeve's awesome heroines...Fever Crumb. She's amazing, she's flawed, and there's still so much more I get to learn about her. She rocks!!


Liz said...

Hi guys, everyone who is thinking of entering and everyone who has entered, I cannot express to you how cool Dark Goddess is. I got up at 7am on Sunday morning to finish reading it. If you were a fan of Billi in Devil's Kiss, prepare for even more awesomeness.

I am being very serious here - I cannot WAIT to have more people to talk with about Billi's journey in Dark Goddess.

If you were dithering about entering this competition, lie, cheat and steal to get on here to win a copy. If not, come to Foyles on the 19th and buy a copy, buy two, actually, because it's just that gorram good.

Okay - *fans herself* - just make sure you get a copy and read it because it's fantastic. And then find me and gush with me.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for doing this! It's really cool of you. I would really love to get my hands on this one! Especially since I live in the US, and it will be FOREVER before it comes out over here. So here is what I've got:

+1 for following your blog
+1 for following you on twitter
+1 for retweeting the competition
+2 for linking the competition to facebook
+5 for posting your widget on facebook
+3 for commenting on my favorite heroine

I love a kiss-ass kind of girl, who doesn't sit around waiting for someone else to save her. I don't know if I can pick just one! Buffy was my first love. Since her, I've met Billi (who is awesome), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins), Mercy Thompson (The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs) and Katsa (Graceling by Kristin Cashore). All of these ladies are exciting to read about and I am always so excited when a new book in any of these series come out.

That's a total of 13 points.

Thanks again! You Rock! :))


WulfLuva said...

I can't believe the Dark Goddess is out in the UK, I'm so jealous over here in the States.

+1 I follow your blog
+1 I just started following your tweets
+1 I tweeted your competition
+2 I linked your competition on facebook, idk if that counts...
+5 on countdown widget, also on facebook
+3 my favorite literary heroine would have to be Ashlyn Darrow from Gena Showalter's book The Darkest Night (perhaps the best adult paranormal romance book of all time) because she's so innocent and fragile but yet she always makes her way to the top. :))

Kiki Hamilton said...

Hi Sarwat!

my favorite literary heroine, other than Billi you mean?? I guess I'd have to say Hermione - brains are a beautiful thing, but loyalty to your friends is even better.

let's see
+1 follow your tweets
+1 tweeted your contest
+3 commented here
+2 will post your contest on my blog

Hope I win a copy!!

Maria the Bookworm said...

Great contest :)
+1 vote if you follow my blog
+3 if you comment here about your favourite literary heroine AND WHY.

It's hard to choose between my favourite literary heroines; Katniss from Hunger Games, Yelena from Study Series and Rose from Vampire Academy. But I'll choose the last one stated since she is my most recent one. As for the why; Rose Hathaway doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. She fights for what she believes in and is not afraid to voice her opinion. Besides, she's the most kick ass Dhampir out there!

Simon said...

Please enter me, following on Blog/Twitter and just off to Tweet about the comp as well. :)

Jaime said...

Hi Sarwat!

I follow your blog :))

I love Katniss from the Hunger Games series she's badass but she cares about people too :))

iridessa said...

I am following you on Twitter as @iridessa76 and I've retweeted your link. Also following your blog x

My favourite literary heroine is Rose Hathaway from Richelle Meads Vampire Academy, and also Killashandra Ree from Anne McCaffreys 'The Crystal Singer' - Awesome book, read it if you haven't already!

Kelly said...

I was so excited to read about this contest!! I have been waiting patiently for the follow up to the AWESOME Devil's Kiss...

I follow your blog...
I follow your tweets...
I will be sending this out on my facebook page...
I have several great literary heroines... as some already posted... Katniss from the Hunger Games, can not wait for the 3rd installment... another is Clary Fray from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments Series... another is Katsa from Graceling and Fire "the last human monster in the Dells" both by Kristin Cashore... can't wait for Blue! There are so many great female heroines out and I can't wait to see where Billi goes...
I also recieve your newsletter and I thank you for the wonderful updates
I can't wait till u tour the US...

Thank so much!! Kelly

Kelly said...

I was so excited to read about this contest!! I have been waiting patiently for the follow up to the AWESOME Devil's Kiss...

I follow your blog...
I follow your tweets...
I will be sending this out on my facebook page...
I have several great literary heroines... as some already posted... Katniss from the Hunger Games, can not wait for the 3rd installment... another is Clary Fray from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments Series... another is Katsa from Graceling and Fire "the last human monster in the Dells" both by Kristin Cashore... can't wait for Blue! There are so many great female heroines out and I can't wait to see where Billi goes...
I also recieve your newsletter and I thak you for the wonderful updates
I can't wait till u tour the US...

Thank so much!! Kelly

Jon M said...

You big meany! You just know I'll do all those things anyway! I'll have my revenge one day!!! (Shakes skeletal fist)

SarwatC said...

Wow, big votes for Katniss, but I completely agree, she is rather awesome. Can't wait for Book 3.
Also, interesting with the Anne MaCaffrey heroines. I remember she was madly popular in the 1980's (while I was going through my Conan phase) but she's obviously left a lasting impression.
What?!? They've let you out AGAIN? And near a computer. The authorities have been informed.

Stacey said...

+1 vote if you follow my blog

+1 if you follow my Tweets (PageTurnersBlog)

+1 if you tweet my competition yourself http://twitter.com/PageTurnersBlog/status/15210877847

+2 if you link my competition onto your blog/ website/ side of house

+5 if you paste my countdown widget onto your blog/website/side of house/granny's forehead

+3 if you comment here about your favourite literary heroine AND WHY.
- My favorite heroine is Katnis from The Hunger Games. She gets put into this crazy situation that I'm not sure I could even start to figure out how to deal with the things she goes through.


Kiki Hamilton said...

Oops! I forgot to add :))!!!!!

Caroline said...

My favourite literary heroine is Mrs Twit, because of the spag bol thing, I am changing my name to Jon Mayhew and I have come out of lurking to actually comment on your blog... AND I plucked up the courage at Jon's launch to tell you I loved your book... surely I must get extra points for that? Hello!

Anne said...

+1 for blog
+1 for Twitter (I follow through work)
+1 for tweeting the competition (on murderbooks)
+2 if Facebook counts
+3 My favourite heroine in a book is Cassie Palmer from Karen Chance's books. She is tough enough to fight by/with her various men but not so tough that she comes across as fake. She is funny and gets into more trouble during a single day than anyone should be able to. You have to love her! :))

Anonymous said...

Uhh, I guess I'll get right to it then...
+1 for following your blog
+3 for having a favortite literary heroine. Well actually, I narrowed it down to two; Katsa from Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and Elena Michaels-Danvers from Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. But since so many people put Katsa, I'll talk about Elena.
Elena's definitely the definition of kick-ass. And she's the only female werewolf in existence, which probably accounts for her kick-ass-edness. So yeah, you could say she's amazing.

Anonymous said...

My favorite literary hero(ine) is Harry Crewe from Robin McKinley's novel THE BLUE SWORD because she's tough, strong and yet has moments of fraility and self-doubt.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Dark Goddess! it's going to be awesome :))

+1 if you follow my tweets
+1 tweeted the competetion @sftballgirl7139
+2 linked the competition to my facebook page
+5 pasted the countdown widget on my facebook page
+3 comment about favorite literary heroine & why
I have a lot of favorite heroines, but one of my most favorites is Aisling Grey from Katie Macalister's "Aisling Grey, Guardian" series. Aisling knows what she wants and stands up for herself. Even when things seem like they couldn't get any worse she's keeps moving forward & does whatever she can to make things better. She was thrown into a world she had no idea ever existed but went full force into her new life. She loves her friends & family fiercly & will do anything to make them happy & safe.

emily13 said...

Great thanks for the chance to win :)

I'm following the blog and i'll follow on Twitter too @emilyh13

Ruth (Book Focus) said...

Please, please say this is international! This book sounds FANTASTIC. I LOVE that it's set in Russia, too - I love the Russian mythology with Baba Yaga etc.

+1 following the blog
+1 following on twitter (I'm @phyntosia)
+1 tweeted: http://twitter.com/phyntosia/status/15551157428
+3 Favourite literary heroine - OK, I'm guessing you don't mean literary as in George Eliot if Bella Swan counts! Hmm... I think either Sorcha from Juliet Marillier's DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST (EXCELLENT book), Vin from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series, or Yelena in Maria V Snyder's Study series.

Or one of about five of Georgette Heyer's heroines, although that's a totally different genre (historical romance rather than fantasy).

Thanks so much for the cool giveaway! :)

Ruth (Book Focus) said...

Umm... by the way... when does the contest end? :) Thanks!

SarwatC said...

Dear Ruth,
Yes, it is international!
Hmm, if you want to put a George Elliot heroine down, I'm certainly happy with that. In fact, now you mention it I did expect a few Jane Austen heroines up there. Of that period my favourite remains Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair. A girl not afraid to control her own destiny.
Haven't thought about when to end the competition. Soon-ish, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sarwat! Thanks so much for hosting the contest! Please enter me. I can't wait for Dark Goddess. Here are my entries:

+1 Blog follower via Google Friend Connect

+1 Twitter follower @kghobbs

+1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/kghobbs/statuses/15719170050

+2 Blog link (sidebar): kghbookhunter.blogspot.com

+5 Widget: kghbookhunter.blogspot.com

+3 My favorite old school literary heroine is Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice because she's witty and gave Mr. Darcy lots of headache (he deserved it). Plus, she likes to read.

My favorite fiction heroine is Anita Blake from Laurell K. Hamilton because she kicks major otherworldly bootay, totes guns, and is gutsy. She is also connected to a vampire, if that gets me anywhere ;)

Well written, strong female characters make my day! Thanks again! :D

Sara said...

I am unbelievably excited about DARK GODDESS, so thanks for the contest.

A side note:
I know you were totally joking about the vamp/Bella Swan thing, but I was just thinking that if that is someone's favorite literary heroine, I pity them. I love Billi because she's lost the love of her life, but she's still gone on with her life. She'll still continue to kick ass - a boy doesn't control her life! I love that she can be in love and still be a strong individual!

+1 blog follower

+1 follwing your tweets (@thehidingspot)

+1 tweet contest:http://twitter.com/thehidingspot/status/15720665150

+2 contest linked to sidebar: http://thehidingspot.blogspot.com

+3 Favorite literary heroine? Definitely Katsa from Graceling. I'm tempted to say Katniss from The Hunger Games, but I don't approve of the way she treats Peeta, so Katsa wins. She manages to find love AND kick ass. She's pretty much my idol.

Sara @ The Hiding Spot

SarwatC said...

Dear Sara,
Wow, I agree with a lot of what you have to say, especially the way Katniss treats Peeta, she just doens't know when she's got a good thing going.
Alas, poor Billi. Her relationship problems doen't get much easier in Dark Goddess. If you're come here looking for 'and they all lived happily ever after', you're seriously lost!

Michelle said...

+1 following the blog
+1 following on twitter
(When I was using twitter)
+1 following you on facebook
(well actually...I dont know if thats a point or not, but its worth a shot teehee)
+3 For commenting about your favorite Heroine.

Anyways, I love how you're so generously doing this competition. I dont use my blogger anymore, So I'm pretty sure even If I posted your competition on it no one would be able to really look into it! But I have told a bunch of my friends about it, and I've even made them read Devils Kiss. They're hooked.

I was hoping to win, just cause I live in the US and will most likely have to wait a little bit longer than the UK fans.

My favorite Heroine from a book (that I've recently read) would have to be Persephone. Yep, the Greek goddess herself. From a book called Radiant Darkness By Emily Whitman.
This book is absolutley magical, literally, like it brings the Greek gods in a whole different light. And Persephone has always been portrayed as being incapable, of protecting herself from Hades. When this amazing book actually gives Persephone a voice, and shows the readers that she indeed was a strong, and ambitious woman, of godly power and made her own decisions and choices.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves Greek mythology, but the reason I adored her the most was cause she stood by her ground, and wasn't afraid to defend herself from anyone, Even Hades. She wasn't the run of the mill damsel in distress. Even for fiction, it had me believing every word!

Aik said...

+1 I'm a follower.

+1 I follow you on Twitter @aikchien

+1 I tweeted:

+2 I linked to sidebar:

+2 I blogged:

+5 I have your widget on my sidebar:

+3 My favourite literary heroine is Claire Danvers from The Morganville Vampires Series because not only she has the brains, but also the guts.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Pixie said...

+1 for following your blog

+3 literary heroine - Ok, this is hard and two of my favorites have previously been mentioned(Katniss & Katsa) so I am going with...

Yelena from Maria V Snyder's Study Series. The stuff she goes through- is horrific, and yet she doesn't sit around and pout. She learns how to defend herself, and becomes one of the most powerful women in her world.


Anonymous said...

ok dude litterallyh just finished ur book and i started reading it like 13 hours ago!!!! i could not put it down. i can not wait to read dark goddess.

My fav heroin has got to be Cat from Jeaniene Frost Half Way to the Grave i mean she litterally choped off a vamps head buried it in her grans garden and whistled the whole time doing it. Also Anita Blake. she dont take no poop frm no one! I would not want to cross either of these broads in a dark ally. but i still love them <3

Rose said...

Right, seeing as I don't tweet, facebook or whatever, I probalbly won't win this comp. But hey, I'd love to tell people about me fav heroine. And because I'm here for fun and not really entering, I'm totally putting more than one :p.
There's Katsa, Flame, Sookie Stackhous, Bella Swann, Hermione Granger, Grace, Blair Waldorf, Scar and Arya. Those are the ones internationally known. But if I had to choose one it would be Renn. Torak's friend in Wolf Brother. She's lovely and sarcastic and mean and sensitive. She's Billi in animalskins :)
That was it!

Lynsey Newton said...

Thank you for the contest Sarwat! Would love to be entered please.
+1 for following the blog
+1 for following tweets
+1 for tweeting about contest (@lynseynewton)
+2 for blogging about it (http://narrativelyspeaking.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-combine-waiting-on-wednesday.html)
+5 for pasting widget on blog
+3 for telling you about my favourite literary heroine and why. I'm going to choose Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy because she is a strong female character whom I admire. I may have said Katniss but I haven't actually READ The Hunger Games yet (I know, I know).


Cherry said...

Please count me in!

I'm a follower. My GFC name is Cherry.

Following you at Twitter. My Twitter handle is @cherrymischivus.

Twitted about your contest at: http://twitter.com/cherrymischivus/status/16410129774

Your contest is on my sidebar at: http://www.cherrymischievous.com/

Your count down widget is posted here: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/

My favourite heroine is coke... I mean... Karrin Murphy of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Because she is a kick-ass chick which even the angels like ;)

And, no, Karrin is not involved with a vampire :)

And my name is not Jon Mayhew, or ever was a Jon Mayhew.

Cherry Mischievous
mischivus101-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

EVA SB said...

+1 I follow your blog
+1 I follow your tweets
+1 I tweeted

+2 I posted this to my sidebar

+5 I pasted your countdown widget onto my blog (It would stick to granny's forehead)

+3 My favourite heroine is Thursday Next. She is in her mid 30s, quite plain and her only special power is the ability to 'jump' in to books.
She is brave, a loyal friend and an extremely competent agent. She also has a pet Dodo and a Porshe with a kick-ass paint job.


Grace said...

+1 - I follow your blog
+1 - I follow your twitter (@luvingchu)
+1 - Tweeted: http://twitter.com/luvingchu/status/16676645437
+2 - Linked the competition on my sidebar: http://incontrolableme.blogspot.com/
+5 - pasted widget if you paste my countdown widget onto your blog/website/side of house/granny's forehead
+3 - My favourite heroine is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I find Elizabeth to be true to herself, smart, witty, proud and unafraid to speak up or stand up for her beliefs.

Thank you so much for this!

ilovearevolution (at) live (dot) com

Jaime said...

Has the contest ended yet? I entered ages ago :)

Arya said...

+1 Follower!
+1 Twitter stalker!
+1 Tweeted! http://twitter.com/SeaofPages/status/17213155940
+3 Favorite heroin: Arya from The Inheritance Cycle. Why?: Because she is completely bad-ass/awesome! (Don't let the freeky blond girl in the movie fool you!)

SarwatC said...

Dear Jamie,
Alas competition IS CLOSED! The winners were announced in my MOST TRIUMPHANT blog entry.
There'llbe another comp when the US edition is released, but that's not until December.