Monday, 14 June 2010

News and reminders so PAY ATTENTION!

Dark Goddess is pretty damn imminent so there's a few things I need to mention.
1. If anyone's coming to the Summer Scream this Saturday, please email events(at) to get a free reservation. You can just turn up without it, but you may not get your bag of candy floss! I'm REALLY looking forward to this, it'll be my chance to hang out with real writers. Rachel Caine, Sarah Rees Brennan and the writers of the Tunnels series, Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, will be there, talking and reading and signing.
2. I've been nominated for an award! The incredibly wise judges of the Branford Boase award have decided that the YA market needs books about Templars, so picked Devil's Kiss to sit alongside Gauantanamo Boy, Numbers and Life, Interrupted, amongst other marvellous works. The award is given to debut authors and their editors, because behind every great book is a great editor, dragging a weeping, insecure author behind them. So, this is as much an award to Lindsey Heaven, my editor of awesomeness, as it is for me. Though if I win, I'll obviously take most of the credit. Ifr I don't win, it's all Lindsey's fault. The winner is chosen on 14th July, so I'll blog on the result, come what may, a day or two after.
3. The BIG Puffin party is today. I have had my nose hairs trimmed especially. You probably didn't need to know that.
4. The Dark Goddess competition will close this Friday. So enter asap or forever hold your manhood cheap. But not in public, because you'll get arrested.
5. Saw an amazing play on Saturday while England were playing USA rather badly at football/soccer. It's called the Tragical Tale of Dr. Faustus and is on at the New Diorama Theatre in London. GO SEE IT! There is a ventriliquist's dummy and a devil playing a ukelele. It's an adaptation of Marlowe's play and it's about the price of a man's soul. For those who've read Devil's Kiss know that this is something that forms the heart of the book and a temptation both Billi and Kay are faced with. I'll admit, I took the idea from Faustus so it's great seeing the 'original' source.


kathryn evans said...

Branford Boase Award is pretty cool.....

kathryn evans said...

No one else need bother entering the comp - i have so won it already.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe that keeping nose hair in check is of the utmost importance. Kudos to you on proper grooming. Good luck on winning the award! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!