Sunday, 27 June 2010

Werewolf June, 13 to Life

Everything about Jessie Gillmansen's life changed when her mother died. Now even her hometown of Junction is changing. Mysterious dark things are happening. All Jessie wants is to avoid more change. But showing a hot new guy around Junction High, she's about to discover a whole new type of change. Pietr Rusakova is more than good looks and a fascinating accent--he's a guy with a dangerous secret. And his very existence is sure to bring big trouble to Jessie's small town. It seems change is the one thing Jessie can't avoid.
Time is drawing Werewolf June to a close, so I present the last member of the pack, Shannon Delany.
The very first YA werewolf book I read (and definitely a favorite) is Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause (great werewolf culture). I also highly recommend Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (much more of the love stuff, far less pack mentality). My debut, 13 to Life, incorporates pack mentality (more in the second book) and some romance (but I hadn't read any werewolf novels except Mary Stewart's until I was done with 13 to Life's rough draft). There are so many great werewolf titles I haven't read yet and are on my TBR list (including your series, Sarwat!). The very first werewolf novel I ever read was A Walk in Wolf Wood by Mary Stewart--it was terrific and I recommend it for MG readers.

Favorite werewolf movie? Ginger Snaps. Because let's face it--the only thing scarier than fierce werewolves are fierce teenage werewolves. Talk about dangerous! ;-)

Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with Werewolves
Everyone who has read 13 to Life knows my weres are a different breed, but these rules should apply to anytime you encounter a werewolf in its full wolfskin.
DO stay perfectly still and no matter what, DON'T run. The hunt instinct is linked very closely to the chase instinct in every canine from wild wolves to the most frightening of beasts--chihuahuas (seriously, they freak me out!).
DON'T trust the "puppy dog eyes" of a werewolf. A werewolf may have "very big eyes" but remember, Little Red, he's also got "very big teeth."
DON'T look straight into a werewolf's eyes--it signals a desire to demonstrate his dominance and believe me, when dealing with werewolves, we are NOT at the top of the food chain!
DON'T walk around with your pockets stuffed with raw meat (for so many reasons, especially socially related ones--but it's also definitely a bad decision in a world where werewolves roam)!
DON'T try to insert yourself into the midst of a werewolf fight (or dog fight). Unless you're Jess. And you're stuck in book two of my 13 to Life series, Secrets and Shadows. And even then you may not find that decision to be the soundest choice. But hey, everyone does strange things for the people--er--werewolves they love.

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